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Organization Organization
Diehl Headquarter in Nürnberg
  • Karl Diehl, Ehrenvorsitzender  †
  • Peter Diehl, Stellvertr. Vorsitzender †
  • Dr.-Ing. E.h. Thomas Diehl
  • Dr. Herbert Fehrecke, Vorsitzender
  • Werner Diehl, Stellvertr. Vorsitzender
  • Markus Diehl
  • Konstantin Diehl
  • Dr. Klaus Richter, Chief Executive Officer (Corporate Department Technology)
  • Jürgen Reimer, Executive Vice President (Corporate Department Finance and Controlling)  
  • Jens Böhlke  (Corporate Department Human Resources)
  • Dr. Christof Bosbach (Corporate Division Metering) 
  • Dieter Landgraf (Corporate Division Metall)
  • Helmut Rauch (Corporate Division Defence)
  • Dr. Jörg Schuler (Corporate Division Aviation)
  • Carsten Wolff (Corporate Division Controls)
  • Dieter Landgraf (President) 
    Dr. Markus Krog

  • Carsten Wolff (President)
    Josef Fellner
    Dirk Fricke

  • Helmut Rauch (President)
    Thomas Bodenmüller
    Dr. Harald Buschek
    Frank Kienzler

  • Dr. Jörg Schuler (President)
    Harald Mehring
    Dr. Christoph Weigand

  • Dr. Christof Bosbach (President)
    Annette Geuther
    Reiner Edel
    Jean Claude Luttringer

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