Within the spectrum of possible holding formations, Diehl has opted to operate under the umbrella of a strategic management holding company, with corporate divisions that manage their business operationally and strategically with a customer-oriented product and technology portfolio. This combines the advantages of a globally operating large corporation with smaller business segments that are very close to the market and operate independently and flexibly.

  • Supervisory Board

    Supervisory Board Supervisory Board


    • Karl Diehl, Honorary Chairman†
    • Peter Diehl, Vice-Chairman †
    • Dr.-Ing. E.h. Thomas Diehl †
    • Dr. Herbert Fehrecke, Chairman
    • Werner Diehl, Vice-Chairman
    • Markus Diehl
    • Konstantin Diehl
    • Frank Felix Werdin
  • Executive Board

    Executive Board Executive Board


    • Dr. Klaus Richter, Chief Executive Officer (Corporate Department Technology)
    • Jürgen Reimer, Executive Vice President (Corporate Department Finance and Controlling)  
    • Jens Böhlke (Corporate Department Human Resources)
    • Dr. Christof Bosbach (Corporate Division Metering) 
    • Dieter Landgraf (Corporate Division Metall)
    • Helmut Rauch (Corporate Division Defence)
    • Dr. Jörg Schuler (Corporate Division Aviation)
    • Carsten Wolff (Corporate Division Controls)
  • Corporate Division Boards

    Corporate Division Boards Corporate Division Boards


    • Diehl Metall
      Dieter Landgraf  (President) 
      Dr. Markus Krog
    • Diehl Controls
      Carsten Wolff (President)
      Josef Fellner
      Dirk Fricke
    • Diehl Defence
      Helmut Rauch (President) 
      Thomas Bodenmüller
      Dr. Harald Buschek
      Dr. Nicolai Künzner


    • Diehl Aviation
      Dr. Jörg Schuler (President)
      Harald Mehring
      Jochen Klink
      Dr. Christoph Weigand
    • Diehl Metering
      Dr. Christof Bosbach (President)
      Reiner Edel
      Annette Geuther
      Jean Claude Luttringer