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  • SPIKE – Light-weight, multi-role guided missile

    jpg1.60 MiB2019-06-18

    SPIKE is for engagement of armored vehicles and use by dismounted infantry. Moreover, the guided missile is planned as armament for the PUMA Infantry Fighting Vehicle. EuroSpike GmbH is a joint venture of Diehl Defence (40%), Rheinmetall Defence Electronics (40%) and the Rafael subsidiary ERCAS BV (20%). The program company markets the Israeli Spike guided missile family in Europe.

  • Supplieres Self Assessment

    docx70.05 KiB2018-10-23
  • Vehicle-mounted Counter-IED HPEM Effector

    jpg1.10 MiB2019-06-19

    Diehl Defence develops HPEM systems to protect convoys against IED (improvised explosive devices) attacks or to stop getaway vehicles.

  • VULCANO guided ammunition family

    jpg967.69 KiB2019-06-19

    VULCANO guided ammunition family including 155mm caliber for armies and 127mm caliber for navies. Germany and Italy are performing the joint qualification of the new ammunition family.