Customer Support

Integrated Logistic Support

Diehl Defence performs Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) during all Life Cycle Phases:

  • Supportable products through design influence (ILS-Analysis) 
  • Development and establishment of optimized Logistic Support Systems
  • Efficient and cost effective In-Service-Support for all products

Our ambition is achieving maximum „effective“ availability at reasonable cost. 

Diehl Defence offers ILS-Support

  • for all Diehl Defence Products
  • for third party products in a close partnership with the original equipment manufacturers
  • for government authorities in introducing new complex systems

The services comprise consulting, training of ILS disciplines, as well as performing the entire ILS-support for a designated system.

ILS Analysis ILS Analysis

ILS Analysis

Early design and Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) is performed according to international standards to identify cost drivers and to assess the future demands for logistic support.

The design can thus be influenced to provide a supportable product and significantly reduce Life Cycle Costs while still meeting the customer’s performance requirements.

Supportability integrated in System Design

Designing Support System Designing Support System

Designing Support System

Development of the support system and establishment of the logistic elements, such as Documentation, Manuals, Support and Test Equipment, Training Courses and Material, accommodates existing customer resources and practices.

Configuration and Obsolescence Management are performed in accordance with international standards to track system configuration and to avoid part obsolescence during the In-Service phase.

Support System ready before Deployment

In-Service Support In-Service Support

In-Service Support

Applying a long term vision through traditional Technical Logistic Support including Performance Based Logistics, Diehl Defence cultivates a close partnership with its customers to continually monitor and improve the support system, cost efficiency and product capabilities with the objective of optimizing „effective“ availability.

Diehl Defence performs complete product support, such as Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), for its own and third party products and provides spare parts service and documentation revision service etc. throughout the product or system life time. 

Finally Diehl Defence supports its customers with cost effective solutions when it comes to system phase out and disposal.

„Effective“ availability tailored to Customer Requirements

Focused on Mission Readiness