Air Combat Training Air Combat Training

Air Combat Training – Preparation for Real Combat Missions

For the success of missions and the protection of own pilots, Diehl Defence supplies not only the most modern guided missiles to arm fighter aircraft but also a high-quality equipment to prepare the crews optimally for real combat missions – the air combat training system FPR (Flight Profile Recorder). 

All flight maneuvers and actions of the pilot are recorded in a so-called FPR pod. This special container attached to the wing of the fighter aircraft also offers the possibility of simulating the dropping and employment of various weapons. During debriefing at the ground station which is part of the system, the highly agile maneuvers and actions of the pilots involved can be viewed in a synthetic image from a variety of perspectives, and any faults can be pointed out and analyzed.  

All FPR pods are interconnected via a data link within a radius of 60 NM (approx. 110 km) and exchange their positions 10 times per second. The advantages of the FPR system compared to aircraft onboard data recording are the high accuracy and the possibility to simulate weapon employment with different aircraft types in real time. The FPR is also the only AACMI (Autonomous Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation) system with collision warning to reduce the risk of accidents during training flight operations.  

The FPR air combat training system has largely established itself in Europe as the NATO standard. The latest further development, COMTESS, supports the expansion of simulation functions toward an LVC training environment (Live-Virtual-Constructive) in which aircraft can compete in the air (Live) against flight simulators (Virtual) and computer-generated units (Constructive) and practice realistic scenarios.



The training system ATLan-AS (Training for land combat vehicles – Appended Training) turns any operational land combat system into a simulator. It is tailored to the requirements of modern land forces and provides optimum training for the soldiers, from gunnery training through combat training to mission preparation.

The ATLan technology has been designed for maximum flexibility, supports various platforms (battle tanks, armored infantry combat vehicles, anti-tank rocket systems) and can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements.

The product portfolio also comprises an upgrade kit (ATLan-UK) for the modernization of existing simulation systems in use with the Austrian army.

Digital Learning / E-Learning Digital Learning / E-Learning
Digital Learning / E-Learning Digital Learning / E-Learning
Digital Learning / E-Learning Digital Learning / E-Learning

Digital Learning / E-Learning

Modern weapon systems place high demands on users and operators. Therefore, training to teach complex processes to properly manage these systems is part of everyday life. In order to minimize the effort of local courses, the concept of individual digital learning on one's own device is becoming more and more common.

As a provider in the field of e-learning (CBT), we advise the Bundeswehr on all matters relating to digital learning. We support our clients from the conception through the realization to the introduction of specific solutions and this for the most diverse topic areas and individually for the respective target group.

We develop digital learning media for a wide variety of end devices: Whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop - our learning media are displayed optimally. Our professional and contemporary digital learning media, motivate and promote learning. We achieve this through the targeted use of media elements such as 3D PDF. With this technology we are able to make complex processes easy to understand.