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  • 127mm navy ammunition family

    jpg997.27 KiB2019-06-19

    This ammunition type is designed to engage surface-, coastal- and land targets. The German Navy and Diehl Defence are jointly qualifying the 127mm ammunition family for the German frigate F125.

  • 40mm infantry ammunition

    jpg1.06 MiB2019-06-19

    The 40mm infantry ammunition is a newly developed ammunition familiy for engagement of infantry targets beneath camouflage and behind cover. Pyrotechnical self-destuction ensures that no duds remain in the terrain.

  • 70 mm guided rocket GILA (Guided Intelligent Light Armament)

    jpg1.58 MiB2019-06-18

    The 70 mm GILA guided rocket is being offered for the TIGER helicopter for precise fire support of ground troops.

  • 76mm naval ammunition

    jpg968.88 KiB2019-06-19

    The 76mm ammunition for the naval gun is in use with 20 navies worldwide. The new 76mm naval ammunition, currently under development, meets the requirements of insensitive ammunition according to NATO STANAG.

  • AARGM (Advanced Anti-Radar Guided Missile)

    jpg1.73 MiB2019-06-18

    Anti-radar guided missile designed to engage mobile radar sites, even in case of switched-off radars and interference of GPS signals. Diehl Defence and the US company Orbital ATK signed a cooperation agreement covering production and marketing of AARGM in Germany.

  • ATLan AS

    jpg6.97 MiB2019-06-19

    The ATLan AS training system for land combat vehicles supports gunnery and combat training in a battle tank.

  • AVePS

    jpg4.27 MiB2019-06-19

    Active Vehicle Protection System for heavy and light armoured vehicles

  • AWG-Security Declaration

    doc36.22 KiB2018-10-17
  • Broschüre Störfälle

    pdf2.36 MiB2018-11-08
  • Compliance Regulations

    pdf183.28 KiB2018-10-17