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  • Mini-MUSIC

    jpg4.35 MiB2019-06-19

    Laser-based protection system for combat and military transport helicopters. Mini-MUSIC is equipped with four IR sensors and a high-frequency laser.

  • Packaging for ammunition

    jpg2.71 MiB2019-06-19
  • PARS 3LR

    jpg1.68 MiB2019-06-18

    The third-generation PARS 3LR precision stand-off missile system is the TIGER support helicopter´s primary armament. The program is managed by PARSys GmbH, a 50/50 joint venture of Diehl Defence and LFK-MBDA Deutschland.

  • Quality Requirements

    pdf97.06 KiB2018-10-23
  • RAM Block 2 (Rolling Airframe Missile) guided missile

    jpg1.52 MiB2019-06-18

    The RAM Block 2 possesses an upgraded radar seeker as well as considerably higher agility compared to preceding missile generations.

  • RBS15 Mk3 – Heavy-weight anti-ship missile

    jpg1.58 MiB2019-06-18

    The German-Swedish RBS15 Mk3 heavy-weight anti-ship missile is designed to engage surface vessels and land targets. A contract has been awarded for the German Navy´s new K130 corvette. All RBS15 Mk3 missiles are integrated in Germany.

  • Sidewinder air-to-air missile

    jpg6.88 MiB2019-06-18

    As European prime contractor, Diehl Defence has manufactured more than 35,000 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles for almost all NATO partners, and currently offers extensive upgrade programs. Diehl Raytheon Missile Systeme GmbH, Überlingen, a joint venture of Diehl andJBIBRRaytheon, is responsible for modernization and marketing of the existing AIM-9L/MJBIBRSidewinders.

  • SIMONE – Passive surveillance system

    jpg1.91 MiB2019-06-19

    The passive surveillance system SIMONE (Ship Infrared Monitoring, Observation and Navigation Equipment) was developed for maritime use to ensure early and reliable threat detection. SIMONE was selected for the German Navy´s new class of F 125 frigates.

  • SIMONE – Ship Monitoring System

    jpg748.30 KiB2019-06-19
  • SPICE-250

    jpg1.38 MiB2019-06-18

    Glide missile designed for engagement of surface targets at ranges of 100 km. Diehl Defence and Rafael are offering SPICE-250 as the latest product of the SPICE glide missile family for the combat jet Eurofighter/Typhoon.