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  • Fuze Systems

    jpg2.04 MiB2019-06-19

    The JUNGHANS Microtec affiliate stands for cutting-edge technology in development and production of fuzes, safe/arm units and boosters for guided missiles, rockets, medium- and large caliber ammunition. Sophisticated micromechanics and highly integrated electronics enable development and production of innovative, intelligent fuze systems.

  • Packaging for ammunition

    jpg2.71 MiB2019-06-19
  • Infrared detectors

    jpg1.15 MiB2019-06-19

    Stirling coolers and thermal imagers for military applications

  • High-performance batteries

    jpg2.64 MiB2019-06-19

    The Diehl Defence affiliate Diehl & Eagle Picher produces activatable thermal batteries, fuze batteries as well as customer-specific battery packs for defence as well as the electronic and communicaton industries.

  • Flight Profile Recorder

    jpg1.88 MiB2019-06-19

    The Flight Profile Recorder (FPR) has established itself as the NATO standard for air-combat training systems in Europe. The German Air Force, the TLP NATO Training Center as well as the Belgian, Italian, Norwegian and Swiss Air Forces use the system in daily flight operations.

  • COMTESS – Combat Training Evaluation and Simulation System

    jpg644.00 KiB2019-06-19

    The COMTESS system allows real-time and documented air combat training including the simulated employment of air-to-air missile independent of firmly installed ground stations.

  • ATLan AS

    jpg6.97 MiB2019-06-19

    The ATLan AS training system for land combat vehicles supports gunnery and combat training in a battle tank.

  • SIMONE – Ship Monitoring System

    jpg748.30 KiB2019-06-19
  • SIMONE – Passive surveillance system

    jpg1.91 MiB2019-06-19

    The passive surveillance system SIMONE (Ship Infrared Monitoring, Observation and Navigation Equipment) was developed for maritime use to ensure early and reliable threat detection. SIMONE was selected for the German Navy´s new class of F 125 frigates.

  • Mini-MUSIC

    jpg4.35 MiB2019-06-19

    Laser-based protection system for combat and military transport helicopters. Mini-MUSIC is equipped with four IR sensors and a high-frequency laser.