Diehl Controls: Doing what it can for its employees and their families

Diehl Controls
Diehl Controls: Doing what it can for its employees and their families Diehl Controls: Doing what it can for its employees and their families

Solidarity has always been a key value for Diehl Controls. That is why the technology company is getting actively involved in aid campaigns in Germany and Poland for civilians in Ukraine, as well as refugees fleeing the war there.

Diehl Controls Polska got straight to work right after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war in February 2022. At the Namyslow plant, where the company employs more than 200 workers from Ukraine, numerous activities were launched over the previous weeks to help them and their families. For example, Diehl Controls helped to transport 130 family members, including 60 children, from the Ukrainian border. The employees independently organized various donation campaigns – ranging from an online donation platform to a collection for children’s toys for two- to twelve-year-olds. As well as this, Diehl Controls has been seeing to the immediate needs to the refugees upon their arrival in Namyslow, providing bedding, clothing and sanitary products, and helping them to find jobs. Grzegorz Kita, HR Director Diehl Controls Polska, says: “The distress that the people in Ukraine are suffering is hard to put into words. For us, it is very important that we support schemes that we know will directly help our affected colleagues.”

Maintaining continuous contact with the employees from Ukraine and their relatives is also a priority, with coordinators and translators helping to collect up-to-the-minute information and evaluating what the refugees need. This is done using a special online system that is available via the Diehl intranet. Here, people from Ukraine can lodge requests for the things that they need, while employees in Namyslow can also post what they have to offer – from clothing and cleaning products through to computers or apartments. On top of this, Diehl Controls Polska has set up a contact point where anybody affected can contact a psychologist for assistance. For the employees there are special informational materials and online seminars, including such topics as: “When helping others, don’t forget yourself”. The plan is for the aid campaigns to be continued and expanded over the coming weeks, as Carsten Wolff emphasises: “We hope that our efforts and our donations can help in some way to alleviate the hardship of the people and make their path back to normal life a little bit easier.”

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