The IZAR RECEIVER M-BUS is used for stationary reading of consumption meters with IZAR RADIO or Open Metering radio protocol. Remote reading and data logging of these meters will be done in combination with an IZAR CENTER M-Bus master.


  • Radio receiver for capturing Open Metering and IZAR RADIO data telegrams
  • Available in 868 MHz and 434 MHz version
  • No M-Bus cabling from consumption meter to M-Bus master necessary
  • Two-wire M-Bus interface for direct connection to an IZAR CENTER communication central
  • Powered through M-Bus interface, no external power supply necessary
  • Meters with radio output and standard M-Bus meters may be used simultaneously in one system
  • Internal memory for buffering the last received radio telegram from up to 450 consumption meters
  • Only compatible with IZAR CENTER and IZAR@NET 2
  • Principle of operation

    The IZAR RECEIVER M-BUS receives radio telegrams from IZAR RADIO or Open Metering meters and stores them into its internal memory. Each time a new radio telegram is received, the IZAR RECEIVER M-BUS deletes the old one from that meter. The IZAR RECEIVER M-BUS can only be used in combination with an IZAR CENTER M-Bus master and IZAR@NET 2 software. Here it is possible to do an interval reading like it is done with a normal M-Bus meter. The data stored in the IZAR CENTER memory must be transferred to IZAR@NET software.

  • General
    Versions2 different versions for receiving 868 or 434 MHz radio telegrams
    HousingLight-grey plastic housing with wall mounting support
    ProtectionTerminal protection cap may be sealed
    Communication speed2400 and 9600 baud
    Range of receptionUp to 400 m outdoor or up to 30 m indoor
    ConfigurationVia IZAR CENTER software and hardware
    AntennaInternal antenna, invisible
    Indicators2 LED indicators for: valid radio telegram received and invalid radio telegram received
    InstallationUp to 1 / 3 / 6 / 12 IZAR R M-BUS may be connected to one IZAR CENTER 25 / 60 / 120 / 250
  • Technical data
    Power supplyVia M-Bus
    Protection classIP 20
  • Ambient conditions
    Operating temperature°C0 ... 60
    Humidity%10 ... 70
  • Dimensions