IZAR PLUS PORTAL is the Diehl Metering software solution for collecting, managing and analysing multi-energy meters data provided by our different reading solutions, such as mobile, passive drive-by (garbage truck), fixed network or wired M-Bus.
The application is accessible 24/7 from any place and operating system thus increasing your flexibility of administering metering data, read out processes and supply network.
With its new interface, IZAR PLUS PORTAL is a user-friendly, ergonomic and performant application allowing easy access to your multi-energy metering data (water, thermal energy, gas, electricity ...).
In addition to all features for operations, IZAR PLUS PORTAL integrates automatic analyses of your meter data and alarms with a possible e-mail notification. IZAR PLUS PORTAL various versions and capacities offer a suitable response to your needs.


  • 24/7 internet accessible data
  • Multi-energy management (water, thermal energy, gas, electricity ...)
  • Meter map visualization
  • Access to data facilitated through tables and graphs
  • ISO 27001 certified hosting platform
  • Secured 256-bit SSL encrypted connection
  • Automatic updates
  • Advantages

    • Secure 256-bit SSL encrypted connection (https)
    • ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data center infrastructure
    • Servers located in Germany, which is renowned for having one of the strictest data protection laws in the world
    • Including updates, upgrades and regular backups
    • No further investment in infrastructure and maintenance (hard- and software) necessary

  • System requirements

    • Min. 2 Mbit internet connection
    • Min. screen resolution 1024 x 768 Pixel
    • Web browsers currently supported (for Windows, Mac und Linux; current and predecessor version): Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge

  • General features

    • Customizable Import from csv and Export to csv/xlsx
    • Fuzzy search and multiple filtering options
    • Integrated map view for meters, read out tours and data concentrators
    • Dashboard view for system monitoring
    • Pre-defined graphics to visualize meter readings and consumptions
    • In-built task scheduler to automate e.g. import/export or analysis jobs
    • Standard analyses, e.g. to compare meter consumptions, to detect alarms or to find missing meter reads
    • Email notification on meter readings, alarms or analysis results
    • Management of meter replacements in combination with IZAR@MOBILE 2 software
    • Storage and display of additional meter information from the field, e.g. photos, comments
    • User rights management allows limited access of users to meter groups

  • Available Modules
    MobileEnables the integration of Diehl Metering's mobile application IZAR@MOBILE 2 for the organisation of Walk-by / Drive-by tours and meter replacements
    FixedUtilize file-based FTP server import in a Fixed Network installation incl. automatized import via task scheduler
    Smart AnalysisCreate individual analyses for leakage reporting, virtual meters, heat network monitoring and optimisation and other media specific analysis
    Advanced analysisExchange data based on RESTful web service interface between 3rd party software (e.g. billing/consumer management software) and IZAR PLUS Portal
    Note: One of the modules Mobile or Fixed is mandatory to perform import of metering data into IZAR PLUS Portal. These modules can also be combined.
  • Application screenshots

  • Application Screenshots