Heating and cooling Solutions

  • Smart Leak Detection Smart Leak Detection

    Smart Leak Detection

    Did you know that mid-sized utilities in Denmark lose a daily average of 30 m³ in leaks within their heating network? And their counterparts in Germany experience daily losses of 50 m³? If you’re a heating utility, leaks are one of the most costly problems you’ll face.

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  • Energy Network Analytics Energy Network Analytics

    Energy Network Analytics

    How would you like to unlock new value in your heating network without having to commit to a major investment?

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  • Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)

    Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)

    To help shape a greener future, the EED imposes a number of obligations on utilities and submetering companies, including making measuring devices remotely readable. Make sure your network complies both now and in the future.

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  • Remote meter reading Remote meter reading

    Remote meter reading

    Discover the solution that grows with you. We support you with a powerful, modular radio technology that delivers high-frequency energy data - with stable transmission, long range and low maintenance.

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  • Cooling solutions Cooling solutions

    Cooling solutions

    District cooling provides chilled water to industrial, commercial, and residential buildings via a closed pipeline network. Functionally and technically, it is similar to district heating networks – and is becoming popular worldwide. In Europe alone, 40% of commercial and institutional buildings have cooling systems, and this number is rising rapidly.

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