Remote meter reading

Discover the solution that grows with you. We support you with a powerful, modular radio technology that delivers high-frequency energy data - with stable transmission, long range and low maintenance.

Remote meter reading Remote meter reading

Automatic meter readings (AMR/AMI)

As a water and energy provider you need a flexible solution for remotely reading consumption meters that is tailored to your precise needs. Whether you are interested in a mobile meter reading solution (Automatic Meter Reading – AMR), a high-performance communications network (Advanced Metering Infrastructure – AMI), or a combination of the two, we can assist you with a wide range of communication solutions.

For more than 25 years, Diehl Metering, a technology leader in AMR/AMI, has been using its IZAR RADIO technology to reliably gather data from a wide range of meters in the field and transmit this data to its IZAR software platform. In this way, our solutions realize a continuous data stream - from the measuring device to monitoring, data management and analysis. Obtain accurate reading date values, for example on moving in/out dates, simply and efficiently via mobile readings or a Fixed Network.

In the spirit of multi utility providers, Diehl Metering solutions allow you to read water, thermal energy, gas and electricity meters across all sectors via the same infrastructure. This reduces your costs per metering point and increases overall efficiency.

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