Strengthening quality through audits and IMS

Strengthening quality through audits and IMS Strengthening quality through audits and IMS
Diehl Metering

Quality has always been one of the foundations of Diehl Metering, and we work hard to continue upholding the highest standards in our services and solutions around the world. This includes updating and improving our Integrated Management System (IMS) and certifying different areas through onsite audits.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) was launched in 2019 to help standardize our activities and ensure all our locations measure up to a wide range of requirements (legal, metrological, quality, environment, Health and Safety, Information Security, ATEX, etc.). Earlier this year, we updated our IMS to include our new vision and mission, with an increased focus on sustainability. The IMS policy now reflects our status as a signatory of Global Compact, and we’ve put more emphasis on improving work conditions for employees, and ensuring that our lobbying activities never interfere with our sustainability goals.

The aim of the IMS update is to ensure a constant quality and deliver peace of mind to our customers. Another way we bring these same benefits to our customers is by achieving industry and regulatory certification at our different sites.

In the second quarter of 2022, all our production sites worldwide were audited to keep their certification in legal metrology according to the standard known as MID (Measurement Instrument Directive 2014/32/EU). No non-conformities were identified, and several successes were highlighted. These included providing a test bench in Jinan, China after the relocation of the plant; the commissioning of a PL02 test bench in Bazanowice, Poland for MID production; and the release of our Ansbach and Bazanowice plants for the production of cold meters according to German law. The auditor particularly noted the quality of our Integrated Management System and the strong involvement of our teams.

From May 30 to June 3, we were audited by Quality Austria to maintain multisite certification of Quality Management Systems according to ISO 9001 and Environmental Management Systems according to ISO 14001. Auditors visited our sites in Saint-Louis and Rixheim in France, and also conducted a remote audit of our new production site in Lisle, USA – enabling us to extend our multisite certification stateside. Once again, there were no non-conformities, and we performed particularly well in management engagement, employee competences and sustainability approach.

The successful retention of multisite certification points to our efficiency across all business sectors, and in particular our strong customer orientation, the commitment of our management, and our efforts to ensure continuous improvement.

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