Smart Leak Detection: reactivity and sustainability for heat utilities

Smart Leak Detection: reactivity and sustainability for heat utilities Smart Leak Detection: reactivity and sustainability for heat utilities
Diehl Metering

Diehl Metering’s Smart Leak Detection is a powerful solution that helps heat utilities optimize leak management in their distribution network while also minimizing damage and disruption for consumers. The benefits are reduced operating costs, increased customer satisfaction and a more efficient and sustainable network.

Leaks are one of the biggest challenges for heat utilities. If not detected quickly, they can cause unnecessary energy loss and, in the worst cases, widespread service disruptions, as well as structural damage to consumers’ homes. Apart from inflicting significant financial cost, leaks have an environmental impact, because they are essentially a wasted resource and also represent heat loss, which the heating plant must then compensate by producing extra energy.

Intelligent network

To address these many challenges, the Smart Leak Detection solution quickly informs heat utilities of leaks in their network and, in some countries, within consumers' homes. This empowers them to act more rapidly. The solution relies on a fixed network in combination with SHARKY heat meters installed in the forward pipes and SHARKY FS ultrasonic flow sensors installed in the return pipes. This set-up allows a wealth of network data to be collected, which is then analyzed and interpreted by our Central Data Management software – IZAR@NET 2 if hosted locally or IZAR PLUS PORTAL if the utility chooses Software as a Service.

By monitoring flow rates in the forward and return pipes, Smart Leak Detection identifies a leak in the very early stages. As soon as an anomaly occurs, the SHARKY heat meter sends a warning message, which shows up on our IZAR software with information about the location and nature of the problem. Because the entire heating network runs more efficiently, utilities reduce their operating costs, while alarms enable them to rapidly resolve problems before costly damage is done. The solution also boosts the sustainability of their business.

Added value for consumers

Through the solution, we offer utilities the potential to create new services for their customers in certain countries. By customizing Smart Leak Detection to forward leakage alarms directly to consumers, utilities can drive customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing the risk of structural damage. In certain countries, smart meter infrastructures entitle consumers to discounts on burst-pipe insurance – allowing utilities to be even more popular with their clientele.

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