New video puts spotlight on smart solutions for energy efficiency

New video puts spotlight on smart solutions for energy efficiency New video puts spotlight on smart solutions for energy efficiency
Diehl Metering

A new Diehl Metering video addresses one of today’s most crucial questions: how can we supply heating and cooling more sustainably? Entitled “Smart Energy Solutions”, it assesses the challenges for utilities and cities – and investigates how cutting-edge technology can make a difference.

Did you know that heating and cooling are responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide? And that just 11% of energy used for heating comes from renewable sources? For companies working in the energy sector, decarbonizing the industry is the challenge of the moment, with governments and regulatory bodies imposing rules and requirements to make this happen.

While renewables such as geothermal district heating are one way to promote sustainability, another is to increase energy efficiency. Reducing waste energy across the entire heating and cooling process means that less energy needs to be produced. How can we achieve this? By using digital technology to unlock actionable insights into heat distribution networks.

Diehl Metering has built state-of-the-art solutions to support utilities to tackle these challenges, while simultaneously helping them boost their productivity. Through our IZAR@SMART ENERGY Energy Forecast Management (EFM) application, we can empower utilities to anticipate the future and forecast energy demand days ahead, allowing them to adjust energy supply to consumption and optimize their network. Our IoT Network Planning Service is another way to increase efficiency, opening up new business opportunities through the power of the Internet of Things.

For more about these challenges and the solutions helping us drive energy efficiency, watch the video now.

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