New claims process to deliver faster resolutions and better customer service

New claims process to deliver faster resolutions and better customer service New claims process to deliver faster resolutions and better customer service
Diehl Metering

As part of our commitment to continually improve the customer experience, we have reviewed and updated the way we handle customer claims in certain countries. The new process will help customers to find a faster resolution to their claims, while allowing us to make our services and solutions even more customer-focused.

The project to improve our customer claim process took shape at the beginning of 2021, when we decided to implement a coherent process for handling all claims in the Sales Region responsible for the German, Austrian, Polish, Scandinavian and eastern European markets. Since then, we have reorganized how we manage claims internally, rolling out the new process in these countries and training our teams to ensure a consistent and reliable approach. For customers, the benefit is a more reactive and effective service.

Some of the key changes we’ve made include ensuring that the customer’s first point of contact is always the sales department. We’ve created a new claim form to make it easier for customers to tell us about any issues they’re having. And we’ve introduced a dedicated customer claim service desks across the Sales Region.

The aim of these different actions is to improve the flow of information internally so we can answer our customers’ needs faster and more efficiently. What’s more, the new process will allow us to detect and eliminate any product non-conformity as quick as possible – and we can use customer input about claims to improve the quality of our products and solutions worldwide. What better proof that being customer-focused is win-win for everyone?

To learn more, contact your local customer service.

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