ESDW 2023, a testimony to our global commitment to sustainability

7 years to achieve the Agenda 2030 goals! Throughout the year, daily or during events such as the European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW). We get involved by mobilizing stakeholders all over the world to organize actions in line with the sustainable development goals.

ESDW 2023, a testimony to our global commitment to sustainability ESDW 2023, a testimony to our global commitment to sustainability
Diehl Metering

A Strong Foundation for Sustainability

At Diehl Metering, sustainability is a critical aspect of our business operations, it aligns with our commitment to responsible practices. This includes efforts to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, engagement with sustainability assessment platforms such as Ecovadis, and adherence to the principles of the UN Global Compact. Customers, partners, public authorities and society as a whole increasingly expect companies to contribute to a more sustainable world. This demand is driven not only by ethical considerations, but also by commercial ones. By focusing on these aspects, Diehl Metering aims to be a responsible company in the field of smart metering solutions and to actively take the lead in helping to build a more sustainable future.

Employee Awareness and Engagement

At Diehl Metering, we don't just meet the minimum requirements; we exceed them. Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond mere compliance. Our commitment in the Global Compact and our 7 Priority Programs demonstrate our determination to go beyond what is expected. 
One of the key highlights of our participation in ESDW is our success in making our employees aware of the importance of sustainability. Through live webinars, informative posters, and engaging short motion videos, we effectively conveyed the significance of sustainability. Our employees have not only become aware but also actively engaged in our sustainability efforts.

Concrete Actions to a wider audience

During ESDW, Diehl Metering had the opportunity to showcase concrete actions and realizations through our 7 Priority Programs. These programs cover a wide range of sustainability initiatives, from reducing our environmental footprint to promoting responsible consumption and production.

This year, Diehl Metering expanded the scope of its ESDW participation beyond Europe. All our sites worldwide were encouraged to be actively involved. Several local initiatives were organized to promote all aspects of sustainability, including distributing reusable cotton bags and envelopes of seeds to participants. These small gestures emphasize that even minor actions can contribute to a more sustainable world. Activities like the tasting of insects and local biscuits were also organized to promote responsible eating. Additionally, a drawing contest for employees' children added a fun and creative dimension to our sustainability efforts.

Results and Next Steps

This 2023 ESDW has enabled us to reach a wider audience than last year's event. Thanks to additional distribution channels such as webinars, we increased the number of participating employees at each of our sites worldwide, with some sites achieving 100% participation.

ESDW 2023 witnessed a wider audience reach compared to last year's event. Our commitment to sustainability does not stop with ESDW end. We continue the initiative with several actions.

AAt Diehl Metering, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a way of life. Our participation in ESDW is just one of the many ways we live our commitment to making the world a more sustainable and better place for all. Together, we are making a difference, one step at a time.