Impact of the EED – and how Diehl Metering can support you

Impact of the EED – and how Diehl Metering can support you Impact of the EED – and how Diehl Metering can support you
Diehl Metering

The EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) aims to reduce energy consumption to help shape a greener future. To achieve this, it introduces two main obligations: measuring devices must be remotely readable; and consumers must have insights into their energy consumption during the year. Utilities and submetering companies looking for guidance can download Diehl Metering’s new EED brochure, which features future-proof solutions that fit the bill.

The current version of the Energy Efficiency Directive entered into force at the end of 2018. It establishes a roadmap for a 32.5% reduction in energy consumption within the EU by 2030, relative to consumption projections made in 2007. A major objective of the directive is to encourage consumers to be more aware of their consumption habits and motivate them to adopt energy-efficient behavior. This requires providing consumers with insights into their energy consumption throughout the year – and for this to happen, measuring devices equipped with the right communication technology are needed.

In October 2020, the first phase of the directive came into effect, making it obligatory for newly-installed hot water meters, energy meters and heat cost allocators to be remotely readable. At the same time, landlords and District Heating & Cooling suppliers became obliged to provide consumption data to consumers at least half-yearly or, upon request, quarterly, assuming the necessary metering technology is available in the building.

Future deadlines

The next milestone is January 1, 2022. From this date, it becomes mandatory to provide monthly information about household energy and hot water consumption to consumers whose homes are equipped with remotely readable meters and/or heat cost allocators.

The final phase of the directive, at the beginning of 2027, makes it obligatory for all measuring devices for heating, cooling and hot water to be remotely readable – which means replacing or retrofitting any device that does not fulfil these requirements.

Future-proofing today

At Diehl Metering, we offer smart metering solutions that provide full compliance with the EED directive, both now and in the future.

To comply with the need for remote readings, you can choose a Walk-by/Drive-by solution, enabling you to use a portable receiver to take meter readings simply by walking or driving past consumers’ homes. Alternatively, you can opt for a Fixed Network solution, which uses a stationary receiver to collect and automatically transmit device data. This allows you to clearly view the different meter data in our IZAR Meter Data Management software, and generate bills by exporting readings to your billing software.

And with our smartphone app IZAR@HOME, you can fulfil the requirement to provide regular consumption information to individual households throughout the year.

Extra energy efficiency

In addition to providing EED compliance, our smart metering solutions gather a wealth of information about heating and cooling networks, empowering you to get a precise overview of the performance of your network and identify anomalies such as leakages, faulty devices or not optimized heating/cooling behavior. In this way, you can further enhance your daily operations and your overall energy efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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