Discover Diehl Metering’s leak detection software at ACE 2024

Diehl Metering's American team will attend the upcoming ACE show in Los Angeles from June 10 to 13 to unveil Water Loss Management, a software application designed for water leak detection.

Discover Diehl Metering’s leak detection software at ACE 2024 Discover Diehl Metering’s leak detection software at ACE 2024
Diehl Metering

Managing water distribution networks is a 24/7 job.  It requires a large and often very busy operational workforce, who need to react quickly to avoid interrupting service or causing significant and costly damage. Network digitalization is the way to alleviate this workload. Leading a data-driven water leak detection strategy means mastering the digital network and the millions of data it contains. When millions of water meters and smart sensors are deployed, utility operations teams receive a massive amount of data which can come from SCADA systems, leak detectors (such as noise loggers), smart domestic and collective water meters, intelligent alarms, pressure sensors, ... 

15 minutes per days to reduce water losses. 

Diehl Metering has been a pioneer in the development of smart metering networks for more than 25 years. Its new software, Water Loss Management, now available in the United-States, harnesses the full intelligence of data to facilitate monitoring work. With just 15 minutes a day, it offers an efficient and effective way to decrease Non-Revenue Water.  

Leveraging advanced data analysis, this innovative approach empowers water utilities to simplify their operations, identify leaks at an early stage, minimize water wastage, and preserve vital resources. 

 How does it exactly benefit to utilities and municipalities?

  • Labor and cost savings are achieved through routine automation. For example, automatic reports on water loss and water balance allow management teams to save time and concentrate on tasks that add value. 
  • Preventing leaks is crucial. By continuously analyzing the water network, operators can receive real-time alerts about incidents or suspected leaks. 
  • Reducing Non-Revenue Water is straightforward with this tool, which serves as a key resource for the effective monitoring of water networks. 
  • Becoming more sustainable involves preserving water resources, a significant challenge of this century. 

By continuously embracing technological advances, notably artificial intelligence (AI), Water Loss Management (WLM) is set to transform global municipal and utility digital water management and infrastructure maintenance, promoting sustainable water management. 

Meet the water leaks detection experts and explore the capabilities of WLM.  

Don't miss out! Our next stop is the ACE 2024 in Los Angeles, United-States, happening June 10-13. Join Jonas PORZELT, our water leakage expert, and book your personalized Water Loss Management software demo at the booth. 

You’ll have the opportunity to view a live demonstration of the software and gain an understanding of all its capabilities. Designed by our water management specialists and user experience professionals, you’ll appreciate its simplicity and ease of use. 

You’ll also benefit from expert insight on the latest innovations in water management and discover the many smart metering solutions provided by Diehl Metering’s US team, from the latest HYDRUS 2.0 smart water meter to the IZAR STELLA radio, which enables reliable and secure data transmission. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in innovation! Join us from June 10 to 13 at stand 3113