Diehl Metering registers 92% overall customer satisfaction

Diehl Metering
Diehl Metering registers 92% overall customer satisfaction Diehl Metering registers 92% overall customer satisfaction

Earlier this year, we conducted an in-depth survey of our customers. The results show we have very high overall satisfaction rates worldwide, while a detailed breakdown has allowed us to identify the many areas where we are doing well – and a number of areas we need to strengthen.

From January to May 2020, we contacted a random sample of 596 customers by phone, email and online, and asked them a series of questions to assess their satisfaction levels. Every sales region and customer segment was represented, and we also made sure to include a wide range of company sizes.

The overall satisfaction level for our customers came in at 92%, an excellent score that rewards our efforts to be more customer-oriented. Customers were particularly satisfied with the quality of our products (99%), their relationship with the Diehl Metering sales teams (99%), and the quality of our claim management (97%).

Our portfolio was also cited as a major source of satisfaction (94%), along with value for money (93%) and our logistics service (90%).

In other areas, we have room for improvement. Certain satisfaction rates were lower in Sales Region 1 (US, Canada and the Caribbean). This is to be expected, as we are new to the market – and thanks to the survey, we now know which areas we need to improve first. Another challenge we will be addressing is delivery delays and the need to keep customers informed about those delays.

Through the survey, we have a good understanding of how our customers see us. The overall results show we are well-positioned and well-perceived. Looking forward, we will continue strengthening our focus on customers, especially in those areas where scores were lower.

By the next survey in 2022, we aim to further improve the results and ensure our customers are more satisfied than ever.

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