Diehl Metering launches Smart Heating Laboratory in China

Diehl Metering launches Smart Heating Laboratory in China Diehl Metering launches Smart Heating Laboratory in China
Diehl Metering

On July 22, 2021, Diehl Metering inaugurated a new Smart Heating Laboratory in Luoyang, China. Through the lab, we aim to accelerate innovation in smart heating, better serve local customers, and coordinate our activities in Central and West China.

The launch of the smart heating lab is a milestone in our strategy to become a leading heating solution provider in China, and the event was attended by numerous representatives from heating companies all over the country.

As a state-of-the-art R&D center, the lab will primarily be used for developing and testing new smart heating solutions, covering everything from system architecture and hardware to software and control strategies. The objective is to provide more diversified and user-friendly solutions to meet our customers’ emerging needs. 

In addition, the lab will serve as a reception and service center for customers. Thanks to its strategic location, the new site will provide faster and reliable technical services to Luoyang and its surrounding area.

Cutting-edge test facility

Inside the Smart Heating Lab, a simulation system has been equipped with modules that cover all the main processes in a centralized heating system, including an electric boiler, heat exchange units, and multifunctional secondary heating networks.

Through IoT technology, we have digitized the test system to make it both informative and intelligent. In this way, we can simulate different hydraulic balancing methods and heat source regulation strategies, enabling us to identify the most rational heating solutions for heat demands under different heat consumption scenarios.

Diverse activities

The lab will be operated by Diehl Metering’s team based in Jinan, with project leaders and technicians working there on a regular basis. There will also be local technicians in Luoyang responsible for the daily operation, maintenance, and management of the lab.

While research and development will be the key focus, the new building will also be used for meetings and for training technicians and customers.

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