Diehl Metering celebrates 30 years of activity in Poland

Diehl Metering celebrates 30 years of activity in Poland Diehl Metering celebrates 30 years of activity in Poland
Diehl Metering

Earlier this month, Diehl Metering held a special event to mark 30 years of activity in Poland. In that time, our Polish site has evolved from its origins as a local assembly plant to become a major international hub of the Diehl Metering Group. The anniversary event, which was postponed from last year, was a chance to look back on the rise of our Polish subsidiary.

The story of Diehl Metering in Poland began on 21 November, 1991, when the French company Sappel teamed up with Polish representatives to found Mirometr. From the outset, the company made a commitment to quality, specializing in water meters from the highest metrological class. All products were manufactured and assembled onsite in Cieszyn, a town near the Czech border.

In 2011, following years of rapid growth, our Polish team moved to our current production facilities and offices in Bażanowice. Production numbers increased rapidly, and new employees were recruited regularly. The company was renamed Diehl Metering in 2015, and the premises were further extended, with the site now firmly established as a manufacturing reference for Poland’s water industry.

Over the last three decades, there have been many highlights. The site began producing components for static meters in 2013, its first heat meters and radio modules in 2018, and its first complete static meters in 2020. Today, Bażanowice has an important role in supplying Diehl Metering countries around the world, and is responsible for €16 million of external sales, compared to just €1M in 2003. The workforce has grown from just a dozen in the 1990s to around 350 today. And the annual output has shot up from 100,000 meters in 2003 to reach 2.4 million meters today, as well as almost one million radio modules.

As well as driving our success in the region, Bażanowice has become one of the cornerstones of Diehl Metering’s global activities, upholding the exceptional standards of quality our brand is known for worldwide. We are proud of the dedication of our teams in Poland, and we’re looking forward to seeing Bażanowice pursue its dynamic growth as we bring new innovations to our customers and continue to help them shape a more sustainable future.

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