Diehl Metering at the Smart City Expo, Barcelona

Smart Metering solutions for sustainable use of our resources and for more efficient processes for suppliers.

Diehl Metering
Diehl Metering at the Smart City Expo, Barcelona Diehl Metering at the Smart City Expo, Barcelona

Smart Metering solutions for sustainable use of our resources and for more efficient processes for suppliers.

The world’s urban population is rising rapidly. This increasingly presents city planners around the world the challenge of ensuring smooth running of city life. Suppliers from all over the world including Diehl Metering presented their solutions for these challenges at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona. The smart solutions provider presented its solutions to interested customers from all over the world in cooperation with Microsoft.

By 2030, around 60 per cent of the world population – possibly over 80 per cent in some countries – is expected to live in the city. Cities are already being pushed to their full capacity, for example because of the immense volume of traffic and the demand for water and energy supplies, which presents a challenge for cities that should not be underestimated. Smart solutions enable improvement of the traffic situation in cities and the optimisation of water and energy consumption.

With over 20 years’ experience in wireless communication, Diehl Metering presented itself for the second time at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona with intelligent solutions – this year at Microsoft’s booth. The Smart City Expo is one of the leading trade fairs in the field of smart city solutions. A good two-thirds of the visitors are specialists in this field, or important management decision makers. The applications shown by Diehl Metering in the field of demand management and asset management were of particular interest. Diehl Metering supports its customers in the field of demand management to enhance efficiency through network optimisation and to consequently make significant cost savings. Water suppliers are supported in their asset management. Intelligent leak monitoring enables the detection and reduction of NRW (Non Revenue Water).

As an international software and hardware manufacturer, Microsoft is one of the most important global players in smart technologies. The partnership between Microsoft and Diehl Metering is a win-win situation, and this was very evident at the trade fair in Barcelona. More and more customers across the globe are trusting Diehl Metering’s IZAR Solutions – a meter data management software solution that can be implemented in the popular Microsoft AZURE cloud computing platform.

With the AZURE Cloud Storage Service applications and databases are no longer stored on individual computers but can be accessed worldwide. Diehl Metering customers therefore have global access to their data via AZURE. AZURE enables further tools for processing data such as big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

By using the Diehl IZAR data management platform and Microsoft’s AZURE technology, we are already generating added value for our customers for future smart cities through flexible and scalable solutions. Excellent data security and configurable access control can also be attributed to the Diehl-Microsoft cooperation.

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