Customer service boosted by IZAR Passive Drive-By solution in Eastern France

Customer service boosted by IZAR Passive Drive-By solution in Eastern France Customer service boosted by IZAR Passive Drive-By solution in Eastern France
Diehl Metering

Thanks to a Diehl Metering solution, the Greater Nancy region metropolitan area in the North-East of France can now read water meters remotely and regularly simply by using a fleet of waste collection trucks. The solution delivers faster and more reliable data, offering local inhabitants accurate billing and up-to-date insights into their water consumption.

Our relationship with Greater Nancy dates back to 2016, when we won a tender to provide water meters to the Greater Nancy region metropolitan area which is home to 270,000 people. In 2019, we started testing our IZAR Passive Drive-By solution across the region’s 20 municipalities, composed of more than 62,000 households. 

This initial pilot was a success and, the following year, the metropolitan area decided to adopt the solution across its territory by equipping 22 refuse trucks with radio receivers and equipping its network with our ALTAIR smart volumetric water meters fitted with an IZAR radio G4. The customer particularly appreciated the performance of our meters and our radio technology, as well as their compatibility with its IT system. 

During their weekly round, Greater Nancy’s refuse trucks now collect up to 97% of data from the network’s smart meters. This frees up employees to focus their time on more high-value tasks such as data management and leak detection. Furthermore, end consumers now enjoy a higher level of service, because anomalies in data can be detected and addressed faster than before.

Currently, more than half of the 62,000 households are equipped with Diehl Metering smart meters. The objective for Greater Nancy is to increase this to 100% coverage by 2023, allowing them to extend the Passive Drive-By solution to the whole territory.

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