COVID-19: Stepping up safety to ensure continued production and service

Diehl Metering
COVID-19: Stepping up safety to ensure continued production and service COVID-19: Stepping up safety to ensure continued production and service

Nuremberg, Germany, 5th November 2020 -- As many parts of the world enter a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Diehl Metering is redoubling its efforts to protect employees and continue serving customers in the safest possible conditions. Building on our experience of the first wave, we have established special measures allowing us to adapt quickly and deliver on our commitments.

The current surge in infections is particularly affecting Europe, with new restrictions and lockdowns in place across the continent. Following our new protocols, we have acted swiftly to strengthen safety at all our sites. Our priority is to protect our people and remain fully available to our customers and partners.  

Our factories continue to run at high levels of activity, and we are confident of maintaining production throughout this challenging period. We are shipping all orders following reinforced sanitary measures, and have strengthened security on our shop floors. We are also ready to act quickly thanks to a stock of rapid tests and dedicated laboratory support.

All team members who can work at home are now doing so. While this means we may no longer be able to visit our customers in person, we are determined to be there for them. Our teams are just a click away to advice, talk with, and respond to customers via video conferencing, email, phone or LinkedIn.

The first wave of the pandemic was not simple, but it brought out the best in our teams, showing their determination, commitment and resilience. I am confident that we are now even better prepared to face this second wave.

I would like to thank all our employees for their extra efforts, and to extend my gratitude to our customers and partners for their continued trust and support.

Stay connected and stay healthy.

Dr Christof Bosbach,
CEO, President of the Division Board Diehl Metering

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