COVID-19: Diehl Metering protects its people and maintains production

By reacting quickly to the virus, we have secured our sites, protected our people, and are maintaining our activity.

Diehl Metering
Corporate Communication
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Like all companies, Diehl Metering has had to adjust its operations to the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19. By organising our response rapidly and effectively, we have managed to maintain our activity, protect our people, and secure our sites.

Over the last few weeks, we have established multiple measures to face up to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Through these actions, we are able to maintain 95% of our usual production capacity. We are happy to announce that there are no cases of the virus at any of our sites worldwide, and that all our employees are healthy and continue to work.

We are now well-equipped to manufacture and deliver products to our usual high standards, while also ensuring their integrity and safety. Customers can make new orders at any time, and all deliveries will be made in full respect of the required hygiene guidelines.

During these challenging times, we would like to thank our employees for their efforts and their commitment. Their dedication allows us to continue operating. We would also like to thank our customers for their continued support. We truly appreciate their flexibility and understanding in these exceptional circumstances.

We firmly believe that, by working together through this crisis, we will all emerge from it stronger and more committed than ever.

Thank you.

Dr Christof Bosbach,
CEO, President of the Division Board Diehl Metering