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Dakar - Fixed Network

Moving towards the future with one of Africa’s largest ports

The Port of Dakar’s strategic location on the Atlantic coast makes it one of the most important ports and industrial locations on the African continent. As part of efforts to ensure water is used sustainably in the area, Diehl Metering has implemented a solution combining water meters, an AMR system and software.

The vast majority (95%) of Senegal’s commercial traffic passes through the Port of Dakar – along with over 80% of its exports and almost 100% of its imports. The Port of Dakar is currently implementing international standards and certifications. As part of this process, the port must ensure its performance and efficiency while also complying with modern safety requirements.

There are also plans to overhaul the port’s entire water system, with an emphasis on facilitating access to data and detecting leaks quickly to prevent data being tampered with as well as to reduce water losses. Another aim of the project is to enable daily billing, particularly for ships that dock for two or three days.

Around 250 water meters were installed throughout the entire port in 2013: ALTAIR DN40 volumetric meters, the AQUILA DN60 and DN80 single-jet meters and CORONA DN15 multi-jet meters.

This was followed by a combined solution in 2015, when meters were installed with integrated radio modules. Equipped with RDC Premium data concentrators, these meters were used at various points in the port. This fixed network enables daily transmission of the consumption index and warnings for the entire port. Configured according to the Port of Dakar’s regulations, the data collected is analysed and managed via the new IZAR@NET 2 software. The reports generated by the system are of valuable assistance when it comes to making effective decisions about optimising water consumption levels and the economic efficiency of the site.

The Port of Dakar’s network is currently undergoing preparations for the installation of additional smart meters with IZAR radio technology.

“Diehl Metering is a reliable partner with the necessary expertise in efficient water system management. The company’s on-site presence over the past 5 years through its regional partner has been a real benefit for the Port of Dakar.”

Same Mbodj, Head of the Technical and Innovations Division of the Dakar Port Authority

The Port of Dakar managed to increase its revenues by 30% within a year of implementing the AMR system thanks to the optimised billing process, particularly in terms of bulk consumers. NRW also reduced its losses by 25% as a result of the improved leak detection.

Application mapping allows for continuous monitoring of the entire water network. The optimised network data backup also supports direct consumption metering.

The technological assistance and support provided over the course of the projects comes from the experts in networks and metrology at Diehl Metering France and its local partners in the region.

  • Almost all of Senegal’s commercial traffic passes through the Port of Dakar.

    • Thanks to the optimised billing process, the Port of Dakar was able to increase turnover by a third.

      • Non-revenue-water (NRW) losses were reduced by a quarter as a result of improved leak detection.

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