Šibenik - Fixed Network

Šibenik - Fixed NetworkŠibenik - Fixed Network

Consumption data and network control at the touch of a button

The "Vodovod i Odvodnja d.o.o. Sibenik" waterworks in Sibenik, Croatia, provides drinking water for 46,332 people. This also includes the many Kornati islands off the Croatian mainland. The manual reading of the meters on the small island of Kaprije has so far proved to be particularly challenging. Diehl Metering has installed a fixed network solution in a pilot project for the Sibenik waterworks on the island. Five more islands are to follow in the future.

  • Readout under the most difficult conditions

    The island's infrastructure makes meter reading a challenge.

  • Consumption always in view

    The monitoring of the consumption is possible at any time.

  • Rapid reaction on the island

    Reduction of reaction time thanks to AMR.

  • Reliable meter reading in difficult terrain

    Reliable meter reading in difficult terrainReliable meter reading in difficult terrain

    The waterworks of Sibenik (Vodovod i Odvodnja d.o.o. Sibenik, Croatia) are faced with great challenges in the meter reading of the small Kornati island Kaprije, which has a population of more than 1,000 during the summer months. Due to the long journey from the mainland to the island, the impassable terrain there and the large differences in height of the built-up areas, manual readout by employees of the waterworks was always very difficult.

    The drinking water required for the inhabitants of the island is transported to the island by special tankers. Every drop is expensive and precious. Until now, mechanical meters were mostly installed in shafts surrounded by rock and difficult to access on the cliffy island, which is typical for the region. The differences in height to be overcome also made manual reading difficult for the employees of the waterworks. The readout process was therefore time-consuming and costly, and the reaction time to problems was very long.

  • Fixed Network with ultrasonic water meters for automated readout

    Fixed Network with ultrasonic water meters for automated readoutFixed Network with ultrasonic water meters for automated readout

    For the AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) on Kaprije, the existing mechanical water meters were successively replaced by static HYDRUS ultrasonic meters. IZAR RDC Premium Receivers are now in use for the smooth transmission of all data. The data management system is provided by the local partner company IKOM.

  • Money and time saver – Early stage leak detection and rectification

    Money and time saver – Early stage leak detection and rectificationMoney and time saver – Early stage leak detection and rectification

    We consciously chose Kaprije for our pilot project because it is the place with the most difficult meter reading conditions. The excellent advice and the results we obtained speak for themselves and have convinced us. We are planning to equip another five islands with a fixed network from Diehl Metering.

    Frane Malenica, Šibenik Waterworks

    Thanks to the fixed network installed on the island, time-consuming on-site visits by employees for meter reading in Kaprije are a thing of the past. This saves time and money. The large radio range of the Fixed Network ensures that the meter data is received error-free by the stationary radio receivers.

    Any faults or water bottlenecks are detected at an early stage so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken immediately. In addition, the HYDRUS static ultrasonic meter detects air in the pipes and precisely measures the actual water consumption. This saves costs and eliminates incorrect consumption measurements.

    If leaks often went unnoticed in the past, an automated alarm ensures that faults in the distribution network or at the water meter can be detected and rectified.