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The freedom to think long term.

The training of capable and committed professionals forms the foundation for the continued success of an organization. Twelve training professions and four dual courses can be selected at the headquarters in Nuremberg.


Companies nowadays must react fast to changing conditions in a global market. We encourage and support our engineers to tread new paths.


Danger lurks at every corner in the networked world. It is good to know that there are experienced colleagues who are taking care of the threats posed by cyber criminals.
“Besides grades, we are even more interested in questions like: Does the applicant suit Diehl?”
Mrs. Johanna Prottengeier
Specialist Assistant for Commercial Training at the Diehl Ausbildungs- und Qualifizierungs-GmbH
“We have succeeded in continuously improving all our processes.”
Mrs. Katrin Fricke
Operations Director at Diehl Controls
“Today, cyber criminality is team work and very well organized. We respond accordingly.”
Mr. Michael Schieber
IT-Architect at Diehl Informatik

Dual training as the foundation of working life

In many organizations, only those applicants who have excellent grades and present themselves convincingly during the personal interview win the race. Naturally, good grades are required at Diehl as well and are helpful, however, we are not looking primarily for a perfect presentation: “We look for applicants that fit to Diehl, a family owned business, and are happy to face the daily challenges in working life at Diehl. That is young people who find our company culture appealing, and ideally would like to spend their entire working life with us”, Johanna Prottengeier, Specialist Assistant at Diehl Ausbildungs- und Qualifizierungs-GmbH (DAQ) points out making the expectations of the organization clear.

Impressions from our vocational training

Our profound education provides the basis for a long-standing and successful career.

Diehl takes considerable efforts to prepare their young talents optimally to tackle the future challenges. Besides imparting the necessary professional know-how, support is also provided for personal development, e.g. through joint campaigns and seminars, company visits and study tours. And – as the traditional highlight of the training – a trip to Berlin to learn more about political processes and the most important institutions of our country.

A fundamental success factor during the training is the close relationship between the trainers and their trainees. “This does not suggest any obtrusiveness but a benevolent participation in the development of a young human being”, says Johanna Prottengeier. “Our experienced trainers can specifically enhance the strengths of the trainees and provide consistent help to overcome their weaknesses. Besides imparting corporate knowledge, they also practice the values of the Diehl family business”, says Johanna Prottengeier, who herself started as a trainee at Diehl. 

The traditional high value placed on the company anniversaries at Diehl is based, not least, on the consistent support given to young professionals at the beginning of their careers. “We take our trainees seriously with respect to their personal development. Therefore, we also expect in turn team spirit, respectful behavior, and long term commitment”, Prottengeier states. “It is important at Diehl to help not only the usual dual trainees and dual university students, but also -especially in recent times -young  

Partnership on equal terms

Stay up to date!


  • Wolfgang BöhmDiehl Ausbildungs- und Qualifizierungs-GmbH
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Factory of the year – fully automatic, highly efficient and flexible

In October 2015, the Wangen location of Diehl Controls was chosen as the overall winner of the renowned industry benchmark contest: "Factory of the Year/Global Excellence in Operations (GEO)".*

More product handling, less power consumption at the "Factory of the year 2015".

Optimization of circuit-board assembly in every respect was decisive for the jury's decision. The fully automated assembly line comprises 72 modules over a length of 86 meters. It is operated by four employees per shift with an annual output of 1.2 million circuit boards. The facilities are monitored by cameras, the results are collected digitally.

On this basis, Diehl Controls Wangen achieved impressive dynamic improvements between 2011 and 2014: the finished-product volume rose by 10 percent and the value generated increased by 95 percent whereas power consumption dropped by 13 percent.

"From development to supply chain to production, we have succeeded in continously improving all processes and increasing the level of automation. With this approach, we are able to meet global competition," says Katrin Franke, Operations Director Electronics at Diehl Controls.

Factory of the year 2015

  • The Factory of the Year Award/Global Excellence in Operations (GEO) is the most tradition-steeped and challenging benchmark competition for the manufacturing industry in Germany and Europe. 

*Award granted jointly by the "Produktion" magazine and the management consultancy firm AT Kearney.


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CERT – a strong security net for IT

IT systems form the base of present day collaboration in the company and must consequently be protected from intruders. For this to work seamlessly, a closely meshed network is required. Not a virtual one, in this case, but a human network of experts. The members of the CERT-Team of Diehl are closely connected and well attuned to one another. “It is really fun working with this troupe; the wild youngsters complement the experienced experts wonderfully. We profit a lot from each other, especially technically, and thereby manage to always stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals”, states Wieland Herrmannsdörfer, IT-Security expert from the head office.

The protection of networks is a top priority.

“The little hacker who is knitting his damaging software secretly in the cellar, is not the biggest challenge. This form of criminality is very well organized today”, explains Michael Schieber from IT Security of Diehl. “Therefore it is of vital importance for us that we organize ourselves as strictly as they do to strengthen our position against virtual threats.”

CERT stands for Computer Emergency Response Team, because it is about responding rapidly to threats. “There is a saying our team has adopted: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Highest alertness and intense exchange in the team is the basis of our cooperation”, says Michael Schieber.

The international setup and decentralized structure of the group places special demands on the cooperation across locations. The good networking of the team, regular meetings, workshops on current topics and new scenarios, ensure that the IT security network continues to remain strong.

Diehl Innovations

  • The impact of digital security increases especially for industrial manufacturing. Learn more about "Smart Life" „Need for Security“ and „Industry 4.0“.

Wieland Herrmannsdörfer not only takes care of the employees: “To make sure the IT security stays that way, we also educate our users, because fraud attempts are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The more confident our employees are in handling threats from the net, the better we can sleep at night.”

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