Flying climate neutral

  • The Freedom to think long term.

    The Freedom to think long term. The Freedom to think long term.
    Dr. Bertram Skibinski works on innovative water systems for eco-efficient aviation. 

Grey Water Reuse

Climate change and the energy revolution are accelerating the pace of change in the aviation industry. For the first time, there is now a common long-term vision at European level that translates sustainability goals into tangible figures. This also creates new conditions for the partners of the aircraft manufacturers, such as Diehl Aviation.

Making flying more climate-friendly – that is what motivates me and my team.

Dr. Bertram Skibinski Lead Engineer Research Systems, Diehl Aviation, Dresden

As part of the 'Destination 2050' strategy, specific targets for reducing emissions are to be achieved by 2030 and climate-neutral aviation implemented by 2050. "These are goals where we can already make a contribution today through our water and wastewater systems inside the aircraft," explains Dr. Skibinski, Lead Engineer Research Systems from Dresden.

One of the most important strategies for avoiding emissions when flying is to reduce the weight of the aircraft.

  • Becoming lighter wherever possible

    Becoming lighter wherever possible Becoming lighter wherever possible

    "In a current EU research project, we have developed a system that allows us to reuse hand washing water and then use it to flush toilets," reports Dr. Bertram Skibinski. "The reused service water, for example, saves up to 250 kilograms of fresh water in a Boeing B787." Because of the reduced weight on board, less fuel is consumed and CO2 emissions are lower. "On a flight from London to Los Angeles up to 0.17 tons of CO2 equivalent can be saved in a Boeing 787," the expert explains.

From research to practice - sooner rather than later

Dr. Skibinski’s path to Diehl Aviation was not preordained: "Actually, I'm an environmental engineer rather than a classic aviation engineer. But that is exactly what makes my working environment at Diehl Aviation so exciting: People from so many different disciplines come together in research and development. Combining these forces and channeling our energy into more sustainable aviation is incredibly motivating for our team and very rewarding for me."

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