Engagement and protection

As a German security and defence company, Diehl Defence has been supplier of the Bundeswehr and other international armed forces for modern equipment and requirement-oriented services over decades.

Diehl Defence
Engagement and protection Engagement and protection
MELLS system with Spike LR2 missile

As a German security and defence company, Diehl Defence has been supplier of the Bundeswehr and other international armed forces for modern equipment and requirement-oriented services over decades.

Our core business – the development and production of guided missiles, ammunition, reconnaissance and protection systems – is consistently geared to the requirements and order of the German Army. During operations, soldiers must rely on equipment appropriate to the operation, as their services are performed with a high level of personal commitment. International crisis management and growing importance of national and allied defence are accompanied by a greater burden on personnel and material. New threats such as cyberwar and hyperwar are emerging. For our engineers, technicians and skilled personnel, this is both an incentive and a challenge. With the use of cutting-edge technologies, they push the limits of what is feasible. 

Precise and powerful ammunition

As long-standing partner and reliable supplier of conventional ammunition in the medium- to large-caliber range, Diehl continues to support the concept of "ammunition stockpiling for armed forces" in a timely and performance-oriented manner – with transparency and traceability. Worthy of mention is our range of medium-caliber ammunition, which has been introduced and proven over many years. Our 20 mm practice ammunition for the Marder armored infantry combat vehicle, and the 40 mm infantry ammunition product family with different modes of action in low, medium and high velocity ranges, including airburst functionality, are just two examples. 

In the large-caliber range, we provide the customer with intelligent high-tech solutions. The VULCANO guided ammunition developed jointly with Italy represents a trend-setting development in effectiveness in terms of precision and extended range for tube artillery. With 127 mm caliber for the Navy and 155 mm caliber for the Army, final targets and small artillery point targets can be engaged at distances of up to 100 kilometers. VULCANO is the only guided ammunition in the world that provides a choice between pure GPS control and a combination with laser or infrared sensors for high precision even with moving targets. 

Not to be neglegted is the groundbreaking submunition artillery SMArt 155, which has recently gained in importance, particularly in the context of national and allied defence. Developed jointly with Rheinmetall and introduced in Australia, Germany, Greece and Switzerland via the Gesellschaft für Intelligente Wirksysteme mbH, this ammunition is the method of choice for engagement of hard point targets such as tanks with indirect fire – day or night, in almost all climatic and weather conditions and in difficult terrain.

The shift in emphasis from effectiveness over a wide area to precise point targeting led to the development of guided ammunition for the MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) artillery rocket system. The US artillery rocket system is by far the most significant in the Western World. With GMLRS (guided MLRS), various payloads can be used in different scenarios, including SMArt submunitions against battle tanks. A further area of application for far-reaching artillery rockets is in the field of anti-access/area denial (A2AD), which is designed to prevent enemy units from reaching the area of operations, and could thus become particularly important for joint missions.

For infantry and armored infantry we supply the MELLS anti-tank system (multi-role-capable lightweight guided missile system) via EUROSPIKE GmbH, which was founded with our partners Rafael and Rheinmetall. The MELLS/Spike production line set up by Diehl Defence, with more than 7,000 LR (long range) guided missiles manufactured so far, represents a high level of supply security in Europe. Today, more than 30 nations worldwide use Spike missiles. Their integration into a sensor-to-shooter network, for example, shows how we are continuously expanding digitization in land-based operations.

Regardless of how the Tiger fighter helicopter is modernized, we also recommend the internationally successful Spike family as precise, far-reaching armament for its planned mid-life upgrade. Moreover, we can equip the Tiger with a new 70 mm GILA guided missile. It is based on the GATR (Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket) from our cooperation partner Elbit and offers a unique combination of capabilities for action against a wide range of targets, with its long-range, "lock-on before launch", programmable warhead. 

Counter-IED / Counter-UAS

High Power Electromagnetics (HPEM) systems from Diehl provide ongoing protection for land vehicles, individually and in convoy, against mines. By triggering or eliminating these invisible threats early on, we can further increase the security of soldiers in the field. 
HPEM effectors have also proven their effectiveness in the field of counter-UAS technologies. Small drones, whether they appear individually or in a swarm, can be reliably countered. As part of the modular GUARDION drone defence system – jointly developed with industrial partners ESG and Rhode & Schwarz – HPEM effectors have been used on multiple occasions to secure major events (G7/G20 summits). 

We protect soldiers not only on the ground but also in the air. For flying platforms, Diehl offers future-oriented systems such as the laser-based DIRCM (Directed Infrared Counter Measure) system, which protects the Bundeswehr's new A400M military transporter against rocket attacks, especially during take-off and landing. This 360° protection can now also be implemented in helicopters. By using sensors and effectors available on the market, Diehl saves the federal government the cost of expensive in-house developments.

The protection of combat units during movement against air attacks is of great importance, especially with the planned deployment of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) in three years' time. Proposals from Diehl for a short-range and very short-range protection which can be realized at short notice were provided to the Bundeswehr.They are based on technical solutions that have already been selected and implemented by a number of international armed forces.

Distance-active protection systems 

The protection of combat soldiers is of great importance to us. That is why we offer a broad portfolio of varied and complementary system solutions. A major threat in military operations is the bombardment of military vehicles by hand-held anti-tank weapons (rocket-propelled grenades). Within the scope of R&T activities, Diehl Defence has focused on the development of so-called distance-active vehicle protection systems for many years. The launcher-based AVePS (Active Vehicle Protection System) can combat the entire spectrum of threats from hand-held anti-tank weapons to modern missiles. Even warheads with tandem shaped charge and large-caliber KE penetrators can be countered. We are of the opinion that this is a good solution for both the modernization of Leopard tanks in Germany and Europe and for the future Main Ground Combat System (MGCS). As a supplement, we offer the integration of our proven 76 mm fast-acting smoke projectiles as multispectral smoke for protection in all frequency ranges. 

Diehl Defence – partner of the German Army 

Our equipment and solutions serve the security of our country, our allies, and partner nations. Protecting soldiers and securing their ability to assert themselves is our priority. We offer a close exchange based on partnership, with all agencies involved in the procurement process, in order to support the ongoing modernization of the Bundeswehr. Whether in terms of "Trendwende Material (Trend Reversal Materials)" or "Initiative Einsatzbereitschaft (Operational Readiness Initiative)", we are ready to support the Army towards fully regaining its capacity for national and allied defence. Our mission: providing necessary equipment at the right time and at the agreed cost. Times change, our principles will not.