Diehl Defence at Enforce Tac 2023

Innovative products for security experts and armed forces

Diehl Defence
Diehl Defence at Enforce Tac 2023 Diehl Defence at Enforce Tac 2023

Innovative products for security experts and armed forces

Enforce Tac, the trade fair for members of official security agencies and the armed forces, will open its doors from February 28 to March 1 at the Nuremberg exhibition center. Diehl Defence is pleased to present, once again, innovative products in the areas of protection systems, ammunition and packaging on its largest exhibition space to date at Enforce Tac of more than 100 sqm. The Diehl Defence booth is located in hall 10, booth number 10.0-329.

One highlight of the exhibition portfolio is the Diehl Defence UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) of the type Ziesel. Diehl Defence delivered two of these UGVs for infantry support in the configuration "logistic transport" to the German Armed Forces at the end of November 2022. The Ziesel is based on the base platform Rovo 2 by the company Mattro. The platform is adapted to military requirements in cooperation with Hentschel System GmbH and equipped with autonomous functions. The autonomous functions are obtained by the installation of the PLATON kit developed by Diehl Defence, a platform-independent conversion kit for autonomous driving in a military environment.

PLATON, and thus the Ziesel, are integrated into the Battlefield Management System (BMS) Sitaware Frontline from Systematics. This will enable the control of UGVs (as well as UAVs) via the BMS in the future. The UGV, which has proven successful during tests carried out by Bundeswehr units several times, is characterized especially by its robustness, mobility and autonomous capabilities that already meet many of the future military requirements for an introduced product, such as passive sensors or the independence of GPS. The Ziesel on display, supplemented by a sensor mast system from Zippermast GmbH in combination with a high-capacity pan-tilt-zoom camera including an AI-based object recognition from Walaris, is able to reconnoiter or monitor areas. In addition, AI algorithms from Walaris enable an automatic identification of objects, e.g. UAVs.

Moreover, Diehl Defence presents a new and unique generation of effector systems for the engagement of unmanned aerial vehicles from the field of protection systems, based on HPEM technology (high-power electro-magnetics). The HPEM SkyWolf protects public events, critical infrastructures as well as military missions against threats originating from commercial drones by directed radiation.

A product innovation from the area of ammunition that will be on display is LIBELLE, the next generation of effectors for the engagement of armored vehicles on the battlefield of the future. Thanks to the use of proven warhead technologies in combination with a top-attack capability, the system is capable of overcoming all types of passive, reactive and active protection systems of current and future armored platforms. LIBELLE will not only be exhibited as a single model, but also as large system on the vehicle MRZR-D4 in combination with a weapon station.