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I ensure successful production planning from prototype to series production. I ensure successful production planning from prototype to series production.

At company sports I can switch off and gather new energy. 

Simone Rüther, Product Engineer, is responsible for the handling and support of complex manufacturing projects at Diehl Defence in Germany.

Health & Safety: All That Counts

Being and staying healthy and safe: This is more important than anything else. We at Diehl actively promote this because it is your well-being which counts, for each individual and for the company as a whole.

A Wholesome Approach to Your Well-Being

A healthy and motivated workforce is in everybody’s interest, so we do a lot for it. We know: Our health management can only be successful if we follow a holistic approach to it, taking into account both the physical and emotional well-being of our colleagues. In view of demographic change and a longer working life, we all deal with health-preserving concepts suitable for all ages and employment profiles.

We support our employees in living healthy lives. We provide competent advice, attractive sports activities, healthy nutrition and seminars on how to cope with stress. Our approach to health management and occupational safety is the provision of comprehensive prevention programs before the occurrence of illness and accidents. Your health matters to us as much as it does to you!

Prevention: Avoiding Health Risks is the Best Medicine

Our health management is intent on preserving and supporting health – so that diseases do not occur in the first place. Human beings need a well-balanced nutritious diet rich in vitamins, regular physical activity and mental balance – and this is where we support the individual. On top of that, our various Corporate Divisions directly engage in medical prevention. Here are a few examples that show our commitment to employee health:

  • Diehl Controls offers changing health focuses with different activities, examinations and seminars.
  • Diehl Controls facilitates regular health checks at the Polish locations.
  • Diehl Aviation offers certain target groups a medical check-up. Health offers range from massages at the workplace to comprehensive theme years in which different focal points are addressed. Here, too, target groups such as trainees, shift workers or managers are addressed with targeted concepts
  • Diehl Defence hosts Health Days during which vein function tests and influenza vaccinations are offered.
  • Diehl Metering follows a varied health prevention approach at the German Business Units in Apolda, Ansbach and Nuremberg. The company raises awareness of the ”Healthy Leadership“ among managerial staff, offers weekly fitness courses for employees and promotes a healthy way of living in general, e.g. with a dedicated incentive program.

Relaxation: Staying Cool When the Heat Goes Up

You are committed and you work a lot? Every day you master many tasks at your workplace, at home, with your colleagues, with your family and friends? This is stress which can be fun, encourage us and motivate us for outstanding performance. But stress can also have a negative impact on our performance and health: whenever we fail to cope with it effectively.

What helps to avoid this is to identify one’s individual stress factors and to focus on building up personal resources. The professional handling of stress may have a positive effect on health and efficiency. Those, however, who experience negative stress, may develop physical and mental illness. This is why Diehl supports its employees everywhere in the Corporate Divisions and business units to reduce any symptoms of stress and overstrain – for instance, with the following measures:

  • Diehl Defence  in Röthenbach offers a company-owned volleyball court.
  • Diehl Defence also runs a comprehensive company sports program in Überlingen, including a dedicated trainer, fitness facilities, massage opportunities, and the “Cycle to Work” initiative.
  • Diehl Defence and Diehl Aviation offer Pilates and Progressive Muscle Relaxation courses in Überlingen. 
  • Diehl Controls organizes various recreational sports courses, allowing employees to unwind after work.
  • Diehl Aviation offers a range of individual counselling services. These include contact persons in the field of social counselling and addiction counselling, a comprehensive service for long-term care counselling and special contact points for strengthening mental health.Diehl Aviation was awarded third place in the German Human Resources Award 2022 in the category "Company Health Management & Mental Health". The ranking is made up of the votes of an expert jury and online voting.
  • Diehl Metering provides employees the opportunity to get massages at their workplace and organizes stress management seminars at the German Business Units.

For more information about what Diehl undertakes to ensure a harmonic alignment of professional and private demands for all employees, please also visit the “Work-Life-Balance” section on this website!

Health & Safety Health & Safety
Health & Safety Health & Safety

Nutrition: Enjoying with Heart, Mind and Soul

A balanced diet is one of the most important factors for good health and a high quality of life. The body needs to be optimally provided with all nutrients to stay effective. Those who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and get sufficient exercise are on the right track. Here are some of the measures with which Diehl supports you in doing so:

  • At Business Units that have their own canteens we provide tips for healthy food and pay attention to diverse and balanced menues.
  • Numerous branch offices organize health days when they provide information about the right nutrition. 
  • At Diehl Controls in Wangen im Allgäu, free fruits and water are available to all employees during their working hours.

Safety Regulations: Staying on the Safe Side

For us, work safety is more than a mere set of rules and technical measures. It is an essential part of our everyday working culture – it concerns us all, and so it is valued by each of us. We make sure that there is always a responsible colleague assigned to all relevant safety aspects. We adhere to safety procedures and precautions because we know they exist to protect us. And we work together to reach the one goal that, at the end of the day, is more important than all others: no work-related accidents.

Here are some components of our holistic safety architecture:

  • Comprehensive and high-quality work wear and safety equipment, often exceeding the legal requirements.
  • Continuous promotion of prevention awareness through various measures, such as regular safety trainings, fire drills, work area inspections and discussions about safety on the shift.
  • Annual first aid courses.
  • Diehl Metall has successfully initiated the program “Ergonomics on the Job” in Röthenbach, which follows two main approaches: improvement of the workplace from a technical point of view – e.g. with more consistent lighting conditions and shock-absorbing flooring – and, secondly, individual suggestions from a physiotherapist for improved motion sequences to avoid repetitive strain injury.

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