It is important to me to work for a company where I can really make a difference. That's why I am with Diehl.

Jörn Tietjen Head of General Procurement Production & Facilities, Diehl Group Nuremberg

The Diehl Group is a technology group. Technologies are at the heart of our company, innovations are the driving force. In order to find and implement new ideas for our technologies, we use all our expertise and strength and work hand in hand across all five corporate divisions.

This offers exciting challenges for people who want to make a difference together. For example, conserving valuable resources, making the world safer or creating unforgettable flight experiences for passengers.

Jörn Tietjen Jörn Tietjen
Jörn Tietjen Jörn Tietjen

If one wants to, one quickly gets a lot of responsibility with us and the opportunity to help shape important issues for the future.

I have been with Diehl since 2007 – most of the time with Diehl Aviation, where many opportunities have opened up for me. In the aviation sector, I initially worked very close to production and then grew into the service sector. I always wanted to take on responsibility. That worked out quite well. Over the years, I held various management positions and was finally responsible for the entire on-site support at the Hamburg location. I had to do a lot for that, but was also supported and took part in an internal Diehl Potential Program for the middle management. In 2020, I wanted to change and moved to the Diehl Group. At the headquarters in Nuremberg, I had the chance to be part of the setup of the new General Procurement department from the very beginning. Today, together with my international team, I am in charge of a section of the purchasing department for the entire Group. In terms of content, it was completely new territory for me and a great challenge – of which there are plenty more in our company.

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High-tech with a family connection.

The Diehl Group stands for cutting edge technology as well as tradition. And a culture characterized by respect and trust in which one can feel that Diehl is a family company. Globally, sustainably and enthusiastically, we work to conserve resources, secure peace and make flying an experience again. Always with one goal: that our solutions and technologies make the world a little better.

  • Umsatz Diagramm
    3167 million turnover in 2021
  • Mitarbeiter
    16133 employees
  • Gründung
    1902 founding year
  • 88 locations worldwide

Diehl Group: the most important company key facts at a glance.

Stronger together.

The Diehl Group is a family-owned company with five strong corporate divisions: Diehl Metall, Diehl Controls, Diehl Defence, Diehl Aviation and Diehl Metering. Each of them is a proven expert in its field and often the technology leader in its respective industry. In order to secure our technological lead in the long term, we are increasingly working across corporate divisions so as to pool our know-how and be even more innovative.

Growing through change.

We work on socially relevant topics such as ensuring peace, but also on sustainability topics like enabling mobility in the future - whether on the road or in the air. In order to develop solutions and new technologies for such important challenges, we rely on the greatest possible creative freedom and high flexibility in our daily work. Employees who really want to make a difference will find the best opportunities with us to develop professionally and personally.

Switching within and between our corporate divisions is explicitly encouraged and supported. Because we firmly believe, you can only develop great ideas if you get the chance to see the big picture.

The Diehl Group is so diverse that you don't even have to change employer if you wish to switch jobs.