Personal Development

It`s my job to steer aviation excellence It`s my job to steer aviation excellence

I work on myself to take on new responsibilities.

Sandra Rocholl, Head of Quality Management, is responsible for the production of aircraft light and control systems at Diehl Aviation in Germany.

Lifting Potentials

Thorough training and development is fundamental to Diehl. We have long since acknowledged the importance of a highly-skilled workforce in times of demographic change. There are two objectives we are striving for: Winning professional newcomers for Diehl and, above all, ensuring through our own efforts that there are qualified employees ready to take on future challenges.

Our Programs

We train our specialists and managers in individual programs and fully involve them in our company. High-potentials are identified in the Corporate Divisions, as well as company-wide. Talented employees are specifically qualified and prepared for advanced tasks. We show them which opportunities for development they have within the Diehl Group and take care that they obtain the required capabilities and skills. This is how we manage to live up to our goal of filling more than two thirds of all vacant leadership and executive positions with our own staff. 

Personal Development Personal Development

Training and Extra-Qualification Measures

We at Diehl support our employees in developing their own personal skills with us, in particular with regard to their further training efforts. For instance, we support extra-occupational study programs or make it possible for qualified employees to attend further training for master craftsman. In regular appraisal interviews, our employees work together with their managers to define the appropriate steps for further development and education in an individual development plan.

With regular seminars, workshops and trainings, we ensure that our employees can continuously expand their competencies and skills – and benefit on a methodical, professional and personal level. For example, we offer courses in foreign languages, presentation trainings, software trainings, technical courses, seminars on occupational safety and health, quality assurance, first-aid courses and numerous other opportunities for further qualification.

One Employer – Many Places to Work

We know that a change of workplace can greatly expand our employees’ professional horizon and prepare them for future tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, we are pleased to look for a different position for anyone who desires such a change: Our group has so many activities to offer at Business Units all over the world that a career with us may be as diversified through assignments abroad as it otherwise would only be through several different employers.