Diehl Expert Group

Creative exchange is the springboard of innovation.

Dr. Joachim Barenz, Senior Engineer & Technical Manager, is responsible for the development of infrared sensor systems at Diehl Defence in Germany.

Connecting Technical Expertise

Through the Diehl Expert Group we facilitate the opportunity of professional exchange within the company. Here our technical experts develop their personal and professional skills and interconnect their strategically valuable knowledge for their own benefit and for the benefit of the whole group.

How We Ensure Technological Leadership

Highly qualified employees are the most valuable asset of the Diehl Group. In addition to well-trained executives, it is particularly the job of the technical experts to advance our technology lead in many areas of modern life and work with their ideas and developments. Promoting these experts is therefore just as important to Diehl as promoting managers through the already existing potential groups. The program runs for two to three years, includes regular seminars and it applies company-wide.