Hats off! That was successful!

The research project of the same name, HuTAb, comes to a successful end.

Hats off! That was successful! Hats off! That was successful!
Diehl Aviation

The joint project on "Efficient manufacturing processes and technologies for 1-tank wastewater systems" was successfully completed. The partners COTESA GmbH, Diehl Aviation, Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg and the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research GmbH (ZAL) jointly developed manufacturing technologies for the production of future aircraft tanks. The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection within the framework of the aviation research program LuFo V-3. 

With the completion of the research project, tests could already be carried out on demonstrators suitable for practical use. Already for the production of the tank body, the development teams were able to gain valuable knowledge for the production process of future Prepreg-tank modules. This means that production steps can be simplified significantly in the future. In the course of the test series, a very light and high-speed vacuum generator was tested, among other things. And a new system for measuring the fill level of the tank was also tested for its suitability for practical use. Another result of the research work carried out so far is that new areas of application of 3D printing for aircraft production can be realised using various manufacturing methods, including non-planar printing with RAM systems.

The technologies developed in collaboration will be continued in research and development projects.