Diehl Aviation achieves listing as approved BFE supplier for miscellaneous monuments on Boeing platforms

Cabin interiors products now available to airline customers directly

Diehl Aviation

Cabin interiors products now available to airline customers directly

Diehl Aviation, a leading solution provider for aircraft cabin interiors and aircraft systems products, has received approval by Boeing to offer miscellaneous monuments classified under Buyer-Furnished-Equipment (BFE) products to airlines for the installation on Boeing airplanes. BFE products are cabin interiors elements that airlines procure directly from the parts manufacturers, such as Diehl Aviation, for the installation on newly-built aircraft at the aircraft manufacturer’ final assembly line. This marks a major milestone for Diehl Aviation in its collaboration with Boeing to offer jointly excellent solutions for airline customers.

This achievement follows Diehl Aviation’s close collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer during Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator flight test program in 2019, where one area of testing was Diehl Aviation’s capabilities related to cabin monument applications.

In addition, Diehl Aviation has miscellaneous monuments for cabin interiors installation – such as front row monuments and bar units – in its portfolio, all of which are typically considered as BFE products. For decades already, the company has supplied BFE solutions to airlines for installation on aircraft from other manufacturers. The approved listing by Boeing now marks a significant milestone for Diehl Aviation, providing a new market access to airlines that are in the process of adding new Boeing aircraft to their fleet.

Diehl Aviation has a long-standing and successful relationship with Boeing for decades, supplying cabin interiors and aircraft systems parts since the early 1990s. The company also provides services via its representations at Boeing’s final assembly lines in Everett (WA) and North Charleston (SC), as well as after-sales services via a Customer Services Center (CSC) for the Americas based in Sterrett (AL).

Diehl Aviation is a division of Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG and combines all aviation activities of Diehl Group under one roof. In the aviation industry, Diehl Aviation – including Diehl Aerospace (a joint venture with Thales) – is a leading system supplier of aircraft system and cabin solutions. Diehl Aviation currently has around 6,000 employees. Its clients include leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus (both airplanes and helicopters), Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer, as well as airlines and operators of commercial and business aircraft.