Airbus celebrates 50th Anniversary: Congratulations from Diehl Aviation

Airbus celebrates 50th Anniversary: Congratulations from Diehl Aviation Airbus celebrates 50th Anniversary: Congratulations from Diehl Aviation
Diehl Aviation

Supplier supported every programme ever since the A300B, launched in 1969

Diehl Aviation, a First Tier Supplier for cabin interiors and aircraft systems in the aerospace industry, congratulates Airbus to its 50th anniversary, to be celebrated as from May 29th. Five decades after the programme launch of the pioneering Airbus A300B at the Le Bourget airshow in 1969, the aircraft manufacturer is now firmly established as one of two major suppliers worldwide for commercial airliners.

The success of the Airbus programmes since the late 1960s marks a revival for the European aircraft industry in the second half of the 20th century. Diehl Aviation and its predecessor organizations have been part of that since the very first beginnings. For the A300B the supplier contributed products and systems which belong to its core competencies back then and today, like the main cabin lining, ducting, stowages, parts for the cabin lighting, avionics, sensors and indicators as well as fans.

While Airbus has grown into an aircraft manufacturer with approximately 50 per cent share in its market segments, Diehl Aviation has evolved into a major First Tier Supplier in the aerospace industry. Today, Diehl is supplying big work packages for all Airbus programmes, ranging from cabin lining and lighting to monuments, avionics, cabin management systems and water/waste management solutions.

Furthermore, Airbus and Diehl Aviation are regularly and continuously partnering on various joint projects and undertakings for the benefit of the aerospace industry, its customers and the travelling public, such as the Hamburg-based research institution ZAL.

Diehl Aviation is a division of Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG and combines all aviation activities of Diehl Group under one roof. In the aviation industry, Diehl Aviation – including Diehl Aerospace (a joint venture with Thales) –is a leading system supplier of aircraft system and cabin solutions. Diehl Aviation currently has around 6,000 employees. Its clients include leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus (both airplanes and helicopters), Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer, as well as airlines and operators of commercial and business aircraft.

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