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Air Distribution and Management Systems

Air Distribution and Management SystemsAir Distribution and Management Systems
  • Air Distribution

    Air DistributionAir Distribution
    Air DistributionAir Distribution
    Air DistributionAir Distribution

    Ducting, Mixer and Airoutlets

    We at Diehl Aviation have been relying for years on state-of-the-art technologies that enable the use of carbon fiber and fiberglass plastics for even the most complex geometries. We develop systems that are implemented extremely efficiently and according to the highest standards of quality.

  • Fans


    The Diehl Aviation portfolio comprises electrically driven variable High Speed Fans with a wild frequency power supply that recirculate air from the cabin to the aircraft’s air-conditioning system. Our devices can reach a rotational speed up to 40.000 rpm with a power consumption of 15 kVA and a volume flow of 1.100 l/s.

    Most are configured as an axial flow in-line fan with a 4-pole permanent magnet synchronous brushless motor. The embedded software controls the fan speed, communicates with the aircraft ECS system via CAN Bus, and provides health and failure monitoring features.

  • Air Cooling Unit

    Air Cooling UnitAir Cooling Unit

    The food and beverages in aircraft galleys, the cockpit area, and the small compartments full of electronic equipment require cooling. For this purpose Diehl Aviation offers Air Cooling Units comprising the following components:

    - a variable speed fan for pumping approx. 120 l/sec cooled air into a closed loop through the trolley compartment

    - a heat exchanger – to transfer the heat gained by the air to the liquid coolant loop of the aircraft.

    - a heater – saving the heat exchanger from freezing

    - a coolant control valve for regulation of coolant flow and a 115 VAC variable frequency

    The electronic controller adjusts both the air-out temperature as well as the air-in temperature of the ACU by regulating both the coolant flow and the air flow.