Galley Bar Module

Galley Bar Module Galley Bar Module

Existing spaces rediscovered

If a table tennis tournament is staged in the waiting area of an airport's departure gate, then this space is converted into a sports venue for the duration of the event. This means: A place may have different "spaces" and at least temporarily takes on a new appearance because of this change in use.

We have adopted this approach for the range of uses of the Galley Bar Module. Linking theoretical space concepts with technical development work, has created an inter-disciplinary development concept of great innovative significance. Because the Comfort Galley Bar Module creates multiple spaces and in so doing considers the needs of passengers, crew and airlines alike.

The module can be integrated into a double trolley compartment in existing galleys. This creates a workbench on top of the trolley, which as a self-service station for passengers forms a new lounge area, where "time flies". Optionally, the crew is provided with precious additional workspace, which can be used as a reception, to prepare food or as a bar. The Galley Bar Module is equipped with internal folding shelves which can be used for storage, to display duty free items or additional applications. Aircraft operations also benefit in a number of ways. It can be easily integrated into existing galleys as a retrofit solution or expands the functionality of entrance areas in twin aisle aircraft without reducing the usable cabin space.

A social space for communication, relaxing, shopping and a bar for enhanced passenger comfort; additional space to support the crew's work on board without additional installation time and a space where additional services are generated, ultimately creating new sources of income for the aircraft operator: This versatility of the Galley Bar Module is like a paradigm for the variability of innovation concepts in the aviation industry.

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