Diehl Metering

We have expanded our established portfolio of external radio modules with the launch of the IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR.

The electronic temperature and humidity measuring unit for indoor use sends the encrypted measurement data to a mobile or stationary receiver (IZAR RECEIVER BT, IZAR RDC), thus providing our customers with completely new opportunities in the field of radio readout. 

Thanks to its modern, unobtrusive design, the IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR can be installed in the living area for continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity. This may, for example, serve to avoid mould infestation. 

In view of advancing house and building automation, the IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR is a promising and broadly applicable product. Innovative devices such as our IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR are essential for the automatic regulation of heating and air conditioning systems in Smart Homes. 

Features at a glance 

  • Simple installation
  • Modern and inconspicuous design
  • Fast set-up without software 
  • Hybrid performance (for mobile reading and fixed network)
  • Battery powered with a lifetime up to 10 years
  • Wide temperature range for in-house application
  • Accurate intervals

Do you wish to experience the IZAR RADIO EXTERN AIR "live"? Make an appointment with your consultant at Diehl Metering!