Why IZAR prepares your business for any circumstance

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Why IZAR prepares your business for any circumstance Why IZAR prepares your business for any circumstance

The first months of 2020 have changed many aspects of business – including the capability of utilities to manage their networks and ensure optimal service at all times. With fewer people available in the field, it has become increasingly difficult to get vital information about the network’s status.

These events have highlighted the urgency for utilities to digitise parts of their network. We live in uncertain times – and, whether it’s a pandemic or extreme weather, water and energy are essential resources that people need at all times and it is up to utilities to ensure that critical infrastructures fulfil their role in maintaining a continuous supply. So, when up against an unforeseen event, how can water suppliers quickly identify the source of a burst pipe or a leak? How can heating and cooling providers rapidly resolve outages? And how can utilities ensure a continuous service when they face unexpected network issues?

With IZAR radio technology, you can tackle these challenges by implementing an Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI). As well as empowering you to remotely read meters, IZAR will automatically pinpoint problems or inefficiencies in your network. You’ll be able to manage your operations at a distance while simultaneously protecting your people. What better solution for these uncertain times?

Protect your business

With IZAR radio technology, you can remotely and reliably gather data from the network for powerful data analytics. In a fixed network, meters equipped with IZAR radio modules automatically transmit data to IZAR RDC receivers which in turn transmit them to IZAR Plus Portal using GPRS or LAN technology, and a wealth of data can be gathered about the network – without any need for human intervention.

With the ultrasonic heat meter SHARKY, IZAR radio comes integrated, allowing you to collect metrics such as flow and return temperatures, flow rates, current output, energy consumption and alarm messages. Similarly, the ultrasonic HYDRUS water meter can detect air in the pipes, reverse flow and precisely measures actual consumption. All this information is then sent for analysis and insights to Diehl Metering’s powerful meter management software IZAR Plus Portal. Alternatively, you can choose to install IZAR@NET 2 on your own servers, in your data centre. The choice is yours.

The AMI system means you don’t need to send out a team to check metrics or to investigate where your network needs repair work. IZAR Plus Portal does the work for you. And that means the solution fits perfectly with the current need to protect employees and better manage your human resources.

Optimise supply security

With an IZAR-driven fixed network, you’ll always be able to ensure a secure supply of energy and water – helping to improve customer and shareholder satisfaction.

IZAR Plus Portal immediately alerts you to potential leaks, tampering, theft or anomalies in your network. You’ll get a better understanding of the condition of the different assets in your network – so you know where and when repairs or upgrades are needed. And you’ll be able to monitor every aspect of your network at any time and in any situation, thanks to IZAR Plus Portal’s powerful analytic capabilities. What’s more, software analytics are improving all the time. With future developments, you’ll be able to predict and anticipate network issues before they even happen.

In these uncertain times, IZAR offers you peace of mind. Your network processes will be digitised, ensuring your business is fully operational and efficient – whatever the world throws at you next.

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