Why a well-planned IoT network is a springboard for future success

The Internet of Things is transforming businesses, cities and industries everywhere. By enabling multiple remote devices to communicate and exchange data, it has the power to exploit interconnected technology to the full.

Diehl Metering

In today’s ever more connected world, digitalization has become a key success factor in virtually every sector. For cities, utilities and companies looking for a competitive edge, a well-planned IoT network can make all the difference – both now and in the future.

The Internet of Things is transforming businesses, cities and industries everywhere. By enabling multiple remote devices to communicate and exchange data, it has the power to exploit interconnected technology to the full. Through its wealth of amassed data, IoT can uncover fresh insights to create new business opportunities. It can predict trends so you can react faster to consumers and citizens. And it can vastly improve monitoring and maintenance to provide real gains in network performance.

Every IoT solution is built for a specific purpose – and planning your own IoT network requires a series of choices. What technology will enable you to get precisely the information you need as often as you need it? How can you combine a robust, high-performance infrastructure with seamless connectivity and the right range? What legal and regulatory requirements must you respect? And which protocols and standards will ensure your network thrives long into the future?

What do you want from your IoT network?

The planning phase of an IoT network is crucial. Decisions taken at this stage shape your network’s future capabilities – and define its potential for years to come. That’s why the first question you need to ask is: what do I want my network to achieve in the long run?

Utilities may want to prioritize operational efficiency and a more sustainable network. An IoT network can also help them open up the market of smart cities and increase their attractiveness to consumers through value-added services. Cities can exploit their IoT network to boost their reputation and improve citizens’ quality of life through new technology capabilities and greater sustainability. And industrial companies might want to optimize their processes, reduce costs of operation, or seize new business opportunities.

How can you combine strategy and technology?

If you’re a city mayor, the head of an industrial company, or you’re responsible for a utility, you probably have a good idea of the strategic approach you want to take for the future. But do you know how an IoT network can make your vision a reality – or how it could potentially expand and enhance that vision?

An IoT network is a treasure trove of future opportunities, but it needs to be carefully constructed to unlock the specific opportunities that match your strategy. The key to planning your IoT network is to unite your long-term ambitions with the right technology. The challenge for decision-makers is that they often lack the technical expertise to select the protocols and standards to make their vision a reality.

So, how can you be sure of investing in an IoT network that will live up to your vision? By being well-informed and well-supported from the very early stages of your IoT network project.

The way to independent guidance

Expert guidance is the surest way to reduce your risks and save costs through efficient planning – but what options are available to you?

Most companies offering such a service do so using their own proprietary infrastructure and products. While their expertise is not in doubt, how can you be sure that their specific IoT protocols and software are the right match for you?

The ideal advisor is independent and objective. And this is precisely what is promised by a new service from Diehl Metering. This smart metering specialist has just launched an IoT planning service that is open to utilities, cities and companies from any sector. The offer is based on identifying and planning the best IoT network for each customer, independent of Diehl Metering's own technologies, products and solutions.

Instruction and support

The Diehl Metering service begins with workshops led by expert technicians. During these sessions, you can learn the ins and outs of standards like NB-IoT, Sigfox, LoRaWAN® and mioty®. You’ll get a fuller understanding of new business models and cost-effective budgeting. Above all, the sessions are designed to give you key insights into the potential for creating new and more sustainable services.

As the program continues, you will work with IoT specialists to build a complete picture of where you are, where you want to go, and how you can get there. One of the strengths of this new service is the depth of expertise provided by Diehl Metering. The company has implemented hundreds of successful IoT projects, and was instrumental in developing mioty®, a pioneering protocol for massive IoT.

Reduced risks and network personalization

Through Diehl Metering’s IoT Network Planning Service, you can create a personal roadmap for your IoT network without any obligation to buy the company’s products. The program is all about empowering you to make risk-free decisions about technology, simplifying budget planning, optimizing your total cost of investment.

Ultimately, the real benefit of the service is that you can plan a fully-compliant and futureproof network that is aligned with your individual wishes, needs and expectations. These are the crucial ingredients for a well-planned IoT network – and they are the key to opening up business opportunities and becoming more reactive, more sustainable, and more user-focused for many years to come.