IZAR RDC Motion makes touring quick and easy

IZAR RDC Motion makes touring quick and easy IZAR RDC Motion makes touring quick and easy
Diehl Metering

An evolution of our IZAR Receiver BT, our new IZAR RDC Motion is a radio receiver designed for Walk-by or Drive-By mobile readings, collecting data from meters, modules and sensors and transferring them to IZAR@MOBILE 2. Thanks to its radio performance, allowing mobile readings to be carried out at speeds of up to 50 km/h, it also offers a high reception capacity, even in dense urban areas, improving the efficiency of mobile readings.

In addition, IZAR RDC Motion facilitates migration scenario of installations to the state-of-the-art C1 radio mode, without losing any data from meters operating in the T1 mode, thanks to its backward compatibility. 

Once data is transferred to our IZAR@MOBILE 2 software, meter read-outs are clearly displayed on the map, alarms are listed and can be displayed with user-defined color codes. Data are ready to be exported to the IZAR PLUS Portal/IZAR@NET software for further processing. Collecting data from consumption meters is now effortless, as well as accurate billing with the relevant data and automation of some time-consuming routines.

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