How IoT network services opened new opportunities for the city of Pirna

How IoT network services opened new opportunities for the city of Pirna How IoT network services opened new opportunities for the city of Pirna
Diehl Metering

A new video shows how the German multi-utility Stadtwerke Pirna collaborated with Diehl Metering to realize its IoT network from initial planning to final implementation. Thanks to our end-to-end service, the utility identified IZAR radio technology as the standard for its current needs and mioty® for its future applications. It is now enjoying the benefits of network optimization and smart city use cases.

Located in the east of Germany, Stadtwerke Pirna provides water, district heating, electricity and gas to the city of Pirna and its region. To fulfill its objectives of strengthening sustainability and exploring IoT opportunities, the utility needed expert support. Through our IoT Network Planning Service , it was able to take the first step towards realizing its project. Supported by our technicians, Stadtwerke Pirna designed an IoT network in line with both its current needs and longer-term objectives. To realize its future ambitions, the utility selected mioty® as its connectivity technology because of the standard’s exceptional interoperability – and its capacity to merge metering applications with the IoT world.

Stadtwerke Pirna then decided to continue its IoT journey with us by signing up for our IoT Network Implementation Service. This was when we took care of all the administrative and legal authorizations and optimized the precise location of the antenna sites in line with statics and wind load. In the video, you can see the part of our implementation service when we provide the hands-on engineering to safely and quickly install the antennas. As part of our offer, we provide the utility with a 10-year warranty on moisture and mold damage for building penetrations.

Through the combination of our IoT network planning and implementation services, Stadtwerke Pirna benefited from a single source to make its IoT network a reality – and the whole process was rapid and efficient. Today, the utility is able to capitalize on network optimization solutions, including leak detection, and has strengthened its overall sustainability. Furthermore, mioty® has opened up a wealth of opportunities for the future, allowing it to seamlessly merge metering applications with smart city applications, such as smart lighting and e-car sharing.

Discover more about the solution and benefits for Stadtwerke Pirna.

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