Diehl Metering publishes its first Communication on Progress

Diehl Metering publishes its first Communication on Progress Diehl Metering publishes its first Communication on Progress
Diehl Metering

As part of its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, Diehl Metering has published its very first Communication on Progress (COP). This annual report includes a statement from Dr. Christof Bosbach, our CEO, expressing our continued support for Global Compact, and an up-to-date summary of our actions and achievements in sustainability.

The publication of the COP marks a year since we officially signed Global Compact, the UN’s voluntary initiative for companies to contribute to a sustainable world. The aim of the report is to demonstrate how we are implementing Global Compact’s 10 principles in four areas (human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption).

Like our Sustainability Report, published at the end of 2021, it contains information about the 7 priority programs we have developed internally for sustainability. It also features updated figures, including KPIs in human rights and resource management.

In addition, we have set targets for each of the four pillars of Global Compact. They are:

  • Human rights: strengthening equality and diversity
  • Environment: reducing our carbon footprint and developing our greenhouse gas assessment project.
  • Labor: creating a fair and safe working environment.
  • Anti-corruption: prioritizing annual growth through equitable business.

To find out more, download our full Communication on Progress.

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