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All-inclusive service optimizes IoT network implementation

All-inclusive service optimizes IoT network implementation All-inclusive service optimizes IoT network implementation
Diehl Metering

Through its IoT Network Implementation Service, Diehl Metering provides utilities and cities with everything they need to make their IoT project a reality. This all-inclusive service covers the entire implementation process, from obtaining the right government authorizations to on-the-ground engineering and integrating use cases. Working closely with you, our experts will take care of all the details, making the whole process much faster and allowing you to capitalize on the vast potential of IoT with complete peace of mind.

Today, digitalization has become essential in every sector. Some 90% of utilities and cities agree they need advanced networks for IoT applications – yet only 28% believe they are currently ready. With our new service, we enable you to unlock a wealth of IoT opportunities, including connecting new devices to your network, improving your responsiveness and quality of service, optimizing service continuity, and simplifying your day-to-day work.

Before you can sign up for our IoT Network Implementation Service, it is mandatory to complete our IoT Network Planning Service, which introduces you to different IoT technologies and helps you select the right one to realize your future ambitions. When you choose our implementation service, we help you transform your plan into reality. The benefits? You’ll reduce your risks and maximize the impact of your IoT network.

Our implementation service consists of two phases. During the planning phase, we identify bidirectional and future-proof antenna sites, calculate statics, obtain legal approvals, look after administration, and carry out a structural engineering inspection. Then, it’s time for the execution phase. This is when we install the antennas, optimizing their position depending on statics, wind load and potential lightning. We use tested cables to secure the antenna and provide clear safety markings. For building penetrations, we deliver a 10-year warranty on moisture and mold damage.

The whole service is designed to be all-inclusive with full transparency. We’ve already helped the German cities of Pirna and Garbsen to implement their IoT networks and reap the benefits. In both cases, the cities chose mioty® as their connectivity standard – a new IoT protocol that offers reliable data transfer, ultra-low power, long range and extreme robustness.

To find out more about our IoT Network Implementation Service, visit our service web page or download our brochure

Iot Services



    Diehl Metering wants to be part of your IoT journey. Our IoT service offerings provide a helping hand and guide you through any obstacles you may face when it comes to IoT networks. From planning your specific network all the way to monitoring your infrastructure. We are constantly expanding our service offerings to meet your IoT needs. Take a deeper look on our services today and stay tuned  for updates on our growing service portfolio.

    Iot Services
  • IoT Network Planning Service

    IoT Network Planning Service IoT Network Planning Service

    Whether you work for a city, a utility or an industrial company, it’s never been more essential to digitize your infrastructure. A well-executed IoT network enables multiple devices to connect and exchange data, driving process transparency. 

    IoT Network Planning Service
  • IoT Network Implementation Service

    IoT Network Implementation Service IoT Network Implementation Service

    Diehl Metering will support your team individually during the rollout of your IoT network development projects and will ensure their correct functionality. We take care to make sure that your planned network becomes reality and you can integrate your desired IoT services into it to derive the best possible benefit from them.

    IoT Network Implementation Service

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