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We help customers all over the world to use natural resources and energy efficiently and sensibly. For economic success. For ecological sustainability. For mankind.

Smart in Solutions

With a Diehl Metering solution you are on the safe side, no matter how technological standards will be developed in the coming years.


We tailor our solutions and services to the challenges of international markets. In this way, we provide each customer with an individual solution that takes them forward effectively.


As one of the major players in the industry, Diehl Metering stands for innovative technology and smart metering. We are defining the history of metering. And we have been since 1862. For you we collected the highlights of more than 150 years in our hist...

Social Responsibility

Climate change, globalisation and digitisation call for a rethink in all areas of life. This applies to our dealings with nature, our social co-existence - but of course also to our entrepreneurial actions.
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