Brønderslev Forsyning A/S - Fixed Network

Brønderslev Forsyning A/S - Fixed NetworkBrønderslev Forsyning A/S - Fixed Network

District Heating of the Future

The Brønderslev Forsyning A/S holding company is responsible for the district heating and water supply, as well as for wastewater treatment of the Danish city of Brønderslev.

As a pioneer in the field of smart energy Brønderslev Forsyning A/S is implementing a “District Heating of the Future” concept: power and district heating supply is generated in its own combined heat and power unit which is one of the most efficient plants worldwide due to the combination of solar, biomass and heat pumps.

Together with Diehl Metering a comprehensive fixed network solution has been implemented, enabling energy-efficient heat production and distribution.

  • 4,600SHARKY energy meters

    The innovative fixed network solution provides fully automated data acquisition and intelligent analysis

  • 3°Ctemperature decrease

    Reduction of average return temperature from 40 °C to 37°C

  • 60,000 €cost savings

    Energy-efficient heat production and distribution and selective consulting in case of unfavourable heating behavior leads to significant reduction of costs

  • Improving efficiency of the heating network

    Improving efficiency of the heating networkImproving efficiency of the heating network

    It was not possible to efficiently control the forward and return temperature since the deployed mechanical meters were unable to record data on the current temperature conditions within the distribution network.

    Households with unfavourable heating behaviour, so called bad coolers, do not use the supplied district heating. This leads to low temperature spreads with high return temperatures and causes extra costs for consumers and utility.

    For lack of integrated communication capability of the old heat meters neither consumption data nor meter alarms could be transferred to the utility. Meanwhile the absence of an automated and prompt detection of failure or deviation increased the risk of costly damages to buildings due to leaks or bursting of pipes.

  • A fixed network for smart analysis

    A fixed network for smart analysisA fixed network for smart analysis

    Within the scope of implementing an innovative fixed network solution a fully automated readout as well as a leak protection was realized by 4.600 SHARKY 775 ultrasonic energy meters in combination with SHARKY FS 473 ultrasonic flow sensors in the return pipes. Integrated radio modules provide a fully automatic transmission of the current data.

    In the process the connected flow sensors and meters record and compare the flow rates in the flow and return pipes and transfer their data to permanently installed receivers, which transmit the received readout several times per hour to the IZAR software for smart analysis purposes. In case of any deviation the energy meter will set off an alarm after 90 seconds. From a burst pipe to a dripping heater any problem can be detected quickly and reliably.

  • Cost reduction. Improved service. Better safety.

    Cost reduction. Improved service. Better safety.Cost reduction. Improved service. Better safety.

    Using the smart analysis of IZAR software, we are able to adjust heat generation efficiently according to the consumption patterns and reduce the average return temperature by 3 °C. Thus, we realize cost savings of €60,000 per year, which are directly reinvested in our ‘District Heating of the Future’ concept.

    Thorkil Bartholdy Neergaard, Managing Director at Brønderslev Forsyning A/S

    Thanks to the fully automated readout of ultrasonic energy meters the customer service was improved and incorrectly submitted meter readings were eliminated. The reliable and correct billing as well as an energy-efficient heat production and distribution based on the smart analysis of meter data are essential and convincing results

    For each meter the analysis dashboard of the IZAR PLUS Portal monitors the temperature spread as the difference between the forward and return temperature. As a result, defects or abnormal operating conditions, and unfavourable heating behaviour of households can now be quickly detected and regulated. In addition to that households with a suboptimal  heating behaviour can be specifically advised in order to avoid unnecessary heating costs. Thereby the smart analysis function of IZAR PLUS Portal provides huge savings for supplier and consumers.

    Furthermore the customers benefit from an improved safety service due to a fully automated monitoring of meter alarms. Households can even choose an optional service to be notified directly by a personal leakage alarm via E-Mail or SMS, in order to avoid costly damages. Also, insurance companies acknowledge the safety benefits and offer attractive discounts on their fees of leakage insurances for customers using the smart Diehl Metering infrastructure.

    Overall the enhanced services have led to sustainably increased customer satisfaction.

  • Case-Study Brønderslev brochure

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